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Feedback Darksiders III Received from Players

Feedback Darksiders III Received from Players

The Darksiders series has become a series that attracts attention in the gaming world with its unique storytelling and action-packed gameplay. Darksiders III, the third game in the series, has received a lot of feedback from players since its release. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the feedback Darksiders III received from players.


Darksiders III has action-packed gameplay like the previous games of the series. The main character, Fury, whom we control from a third-person perspective, is a warrior with different abilities. Players must use their intelligence to solve puzzles while fighting against enemies using Fury’s abilities.

The battle system of the game is considered quite impressive. Fury can perform multiple attack combinations and defeat his enemies using his powerful special abilities. In addition, it is possible to improve Fury’s abilities by using different weapons and armor.

However, according to feedback from players, it is stated that the game is challenging at some points. Challenging enemies and complex puzzles may frustrate and demotivate some players. At this point, it is stated that the balance settings of the game need to be improved a little more.


Like previous games in the Darksiders series, Darksiders III has its own unique story. The main character, Fury, is chasing the seven deadly sins who are trying to take over the world. Of course, as the story progresses we encounter not only enemies but also friends. Feedback from players states that the story is gripping and the characters draw attention with their depth.

However, some players state that they expect the game’s storytelling to be a little smoother. It is requested that some story details be explained better and the motivations of the characters be revealed more clearly. Players express that it felt like some parts of the story were skipped.

Graphics and Sounds

Darksiders III is considered a visually impressive game. The game’s graphics and overall visual design have received praise. Character models, enemy designs and details of the game world are considered quite successful.

Likewise, the sound design in the game is also remarkable. The voices of the characters and the music of the game were evaluated positively by the players.

Performance and Technical Issues

Feedback from players states that Darksiders III has some technical issues. The game’s slow loading times, some lag and freezing problems, crashes and faulty controls disturbed the players.

However, many updates have been released by THQ Nordic after the game’s release, and it is said that the performance problems have been largely solved with these updates.


Darksiders III has been reviewed generally positively by players. The game’s action-packed gameplay, gripping story and impressive visual design have pleased gamers. However, some technical issues and difficulties in the game’s balance have attracted criticism from players.

The fact that THQ Nordic has developed the game by taking into account feedback from players means that it can deliver even more satisfying experiences for fans of the Darksiders series.

Darksiders III is an action-adventure video game released in 2018. Darksiders III, the third game of the series, was eagerly awaited by the players and aroused great interest in the gaming world. In this article, we will discuss the feedback Darksiders III received from players and the success of the game.

Gameplay and Story

Darksiders III is a first-person perspective game that puts the player in the role of the Red Rider. Players progress the story by fighting and completing missions in the apocalyptic world. In the game, you must use the powers of the Red Horseman to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Among the feedback, it was generally stated that the gameplay mechanics of the game were enjoyable and that it had an engaging story. Apart from action, the game is also enriched with exploration and puzzle solving elements, ensuring that the game offers an innovative and entertaining experience.

Graphics and Sounds

Darksiders III has a visually impressive world. The game’s graphics have been used successfully to create a detailed and atmospheric environment. Among the feedback, it is noted that the game’s graphics depict creatures and characters elegantly, the environments are detailed, and the atmosphere is carefully created.

The sound design in the game was also appreciated. Music and sound effects offer players an experience appropriate to the atmosphere of the game world. The sounds in the game were considered as a touch that draws the players into the game and increases the tension.

Difficulty Level

Darksiders III has received criticism from some players that the difficulty level is unbalanced. Many players have stated that some levels are extremely difficult and challenging to pass. Therefore, there was a desire for the game to have a more balanced difficulty level.

Game Time and Content

Darksiders III has received criticism from some players that the game duration is short. Players wanted the story to be longer and include more side quests. However, it has also been stated that the quality of the content offered in the game is sufficient and makes the gaming experience satisfactory.

general evaluation

Darksiders III has been generally positively reviewed by players. The game attracts attention with elements such as solid gameplay mechanics, impressive graphics and successful sound design. The innovations made in the game and the collected story have been welcomed by the fans of the series.

Of course, like every game, Darksiders III has some criticisms and points that need improvement. However, the overall success of the game and positive feedback from players indicate that the Darksiders series remains popular.

Positive Traits Negative Traits

  • Gameplay mechanics
  • gripping story
  • visual quality
  • Good sound design
  • Difficulty level imbalance
  • Game time is short
  • Limited side quests

Darksiders III has been rated as a visually impressive game that offers players an exciting experience. The overall performance of the game pleased fans of the series and was an enjoyable experience for those who follow the Darksiders series.

Darksiders III was a highly anticipated production, especially in the video game world. The third game of the Darksiders series, which attracted attention with its first game released in 2010, also attracted great attention from the players. Feedback from the game is generally positive, providing a satisfying experience for fans of the series.

Gameplay and Controls

Darksiders III has received a lot of positive feedback in terms of playability and control mechanics. The game offers faster and smoother gameplay, unlike the previous parts of the series. The weapon and skill options are extensive, giving players options to play in different styles. The fluidity of the controls gives players a better experience in the action-packed scenes of the game.

Visuals and Atmosphere

Darksiders III received full marks from the players for its visual quality and atmosphere creation. While the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, it manages to impress players with its detailed graphics and visual effects. The atmosphere of the game has an aura that draws players in with its epic music and dark atmosphere. Especially the various space designs and detailed animations of enemy characters allow players to fully dive into the game world.

Story and Characters

Darksiders III’s storytelling and characters have also received positive feedback from players. The game tells the story of Fury, a different character from the previous parts of the series. Fury is one of the Four Horse Brothers and his main goal is to stop powerful beings taking over the world. The game’s story and character development are one of the elements that attract players’ attention. The voices and dialogues of the characters also add depth to the game, making the gaming experience richer.

Difficulty Level

Darksiders III has received mixed feedback from players in terms of difficulty level. While the game contains enemies and puzzles that may be too difficult for some players, it offers a balanced difficulty level for others. This allows players to experience the game in different ways and have the opportunity to customize the difficulty level.

Replayability and Content

Darksiders III has received positive feedback regarding replayability and content diversity. Besides the main story missions, the game offers side missions and secret areas to explore. This provides players with a longer playing time and increases the replayability of the game. In addition, the items that can be collected in the game and the skills that can be developed offer players more exploration and strategy opportunities.

Gameplay and Controls Visuals and Atmosphere Story and Characters Difficulty Level Replayability and Content Smooth controls and different gameplay styles Detailed graphics and atmosphere creation Engaging story and character development Balanced difficulty level Replayability and content diversity – Difficulty for some players level is too high – Lack of graphic optimization in some areas – Some characters need to be used better – Challenging sections may cause problems in the game – Some missions need more variety

Overall, Darksiders III has received positive feedback from players and provided fans of the series with the experience they have been waiting for. Elements of the game such as playability, visuals, story and replayability have managed to attract the attention of players. We can say that it is a must-experience game for fans of the series.

Hello dear gamers! In this article, we would like to give you the feedback of the players about the Darksiders III game. Gamers say that they encountered some problems after Darksiders III was released and they are trying to make the game better by sharing these problems with the developer team.

General Story of the Game and Graphics

Darksiders III takes players to a world-ending future, an apocalyptic universe. Players control the character Fury, a Nephilim warrior trapped between heaven and hell in a post-apocalyptic world. The story of the game takes players on a fascinating adventure.

According to the feedback, players respond very positively to the general story of the game. The story draws the players in and its treatment is presented in a very impressive way. It is also stated that the graphics of the game are quite successful. This allows players to enjoy the atmosphere better.

Game Mechanics and Controls

One of the biggest reasons why Darksiders III received feedback from players is the game’s mechanics and controls. Players generally state that the controls of the game are quite tight and the playability is high.

However, some players have complained about the game’s difficulty level. It is stated that some parts of the game are extremely challenging and lead players to a rapid death. This situation can lead some players to quit the game. The developer team stated that they would take into account the feedback about the difficulty level and announced that they were working on an update where players can have a more enjoyable experience.

Game Performance Problems

Darksiders III also encountered some performance issues at launch. Since the optimization of the game was problematic, some players encountered graphical problems, stutters and low FPS values.

The developer team apologized for the players experiencing these problems and tried to fix the performance problems by quickly releasing an update. With the updates, most players reported that their performance problems were largely resolved.


Darksiders III has managed to receive a lot of feedback from players since its release. Overall, players really liked the game’s story and graphics. The game’s tight controls and playability were appreciated by the players.

However, some players complained about the game’s difficulty level and performance issues. The development team took these into consideration and quickly released updates and largely fixed the problems.

Player feedback is an important tool for developers to further improve the game. Therefore, when we play games like Darksiders III, when we encounter problems and have features we like, we should contribute to making the game better by sharing them with the development team.

Darksiders III is the final installment of the popular action-role-playing game series Darksiders. Players have been waiting with great excitement for this game to be released. Feedback from players who have experienced the game is an important resource for the development team. This article will discuss the feedback Darksiders III received from players and the suggestions requested by players.

Story and Character Development

As with previous games in the Darksiders series, story and character development play an important role in Darksiders III. Based on players’ feedback, Darksiders III’s storytelling can be deepened and important aspects of the characters can be emphasized. Players are demanding more script content and more information about the character’s background.

It is stated that the focus should be especially on the development of the Main Hero Fury. Players want to better follow the character’s evolution and become more invested in his story. Character development will draw players more into the game universe and make the story more impressive.

Gameplay and Balancing

The Darksiders series successfully offers a combination of action and free exploration. However, players are demanding some improvements in Darksiders III’s gameplay. Players state that the game should offer more fluid balance and the enemy AI should be better adjusted.

It is stated that advanced fighting mechanics also need to be worked on. Players want to have more abilities and combination options. Making more challenging fights possible with the use of different weapons and skills will make the game more immersive and entertaining.

Visual and Sound Quality

The Darksiders series is known for its impressive visual and audio quality. Based on player feedback, Darksiders III’s visual and sound design is requested to be further improved. Making the atmosphere of the game more magical and stunning will allow players to become more immersed in the game world.

Performance problems that occur during gameplay are also among the criticisms of players. Players express their wishes for the game to run more smoothly and to avoid freezing/stuttering. In addition, more language options and subtitle support are requested.

New Content and DLCs

Players want additional content and DLCs to be added to Darksiders III. Adding new missions, locations, challenges and additional characters to the game that will enable the game to be played for a longer period of time are among the suggestions requested by the players.

At the same time, introducing Darksiders III’s multiplayer mode is among the suggestions. Gamers demand a multiplayer experience where they can play with friends or other players online.


Player feedback and requests for Darksiders III are an important resource for the development team. By taking into account the suggestions of the players, the story, gameplay, visual and sound quality of the game can be improved and the gaming experience can be made more satisfying by adding new content.

Suggestions from Players Deeper storytelling Focus on character development Smooth balance and enemy AI More abilities and combination options Improvement of visual and sound quality Smoother gameplay and performance improvements New content and DLCs Introducing multiplayer mode

The Darksiders series is an action-role-playing game known for its breathtaking battle scenes exploring a post-apocalyptic world. Darksiders III, the last game of the series, caused players to rub their hands with excitement after a long wait. However, player feedback on Darksiders III has been somewhat mixed. Here are some of the criticisms players have given about Darksiders III.

Gameplay Mechanics

Darksiders III’s real-time combat system offers mobility and fluidity similar to previous parts of the game. Players pilot the ultimate warrior Fury and try to defeat enemies using a variety of weapons and spells. However, some players feel that the gameplay is repetitive and lacks variety. Additionally, some game mechanic bugs are complained about negatively affecting the player experience.

Interestingly, players also have different opinions on the game’s difficulty level. Some note that the challenges in the game are difficult and require deeper strategy than a regular hack and slash game. On the other hand, some players state that the difficulty level is unbalanced and that they find it extremely difficult in some sections.

Graphics and Design

Darksiders III stands out with its striking graphics that portray a post-apocalyptic world. The game offers the opportunity to explore various locations and find secret passages in the explored areas. The art direction and atmosphere are praised, making it easy for players to dive into a fascinating world.

However, some players note that the game has technical issues in general and that the graphics are sometimes low resolution. It is also stated that transitions between some areas are slow and loading times are long. Such problems can disrupt the game flow of players and negatively affect the experience.

Story and Characters

Fans of the Darksiders series know that each game has its own unique story and characters. Darksiders III also follows this tradition. In the game, players fight the seven deadly sins in the world by controlling the character named Fury. Players shape the fate of the world as they interact with a variety of characters as they progress through the story.

Some players state that the story of Darksiders III is gripping and interesting. The depth of the characters and the impact of the actors on the story are praised. However, some players felt that the story was a bit shallow and the characters needed more development. These criticisms show that players have different opinions about the depth and impressiveness of the story.

Gameplay Mechanics Graphics and Design Story and Characters Some players feel that the gameplay is repetitive and lacks variety. It is stated that the graphics of the game are sometimes low resolution and have technical problems. While some players find the story engaging, others think that more characters need to be developed. Some players state that the difficulty level is unbalanced and that they find it extremely difficult in some areas. The game offers stunning graphics and atmosphere, but some players experience problems with slow transitions and long loading times. –

Although Darksiders III received mixed feedback from players, it is still followed with great interest by fans of the series. The developers of the game promise to evaluate players’ criticism and strive to make future updates and games better. Fans of the Darksiders series are eagerly waiting to return to this challenging and impressive world.

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