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Iron Harvest In-Game Economy: How to Manage It Better?

Iron Harvest In-Game Economy: How to Manage It Better?

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game produced and distributed by King Art Games. Players control three different factions armed with massive war machines in an alternate history of the 1920s. In the game, you not only need to make strategic moves, but also use resources wisely with correct economy management.

1. Resources and Production

There are two main resources in the game: iron and oil. To earn these resources, you must capture places by sending your soldiers to the points on the game map. These points constantly produce iron and oil. Capturing these resource points as quickly as possible enables faster economic growth.

It is also important to make an accurate production plan by using your management skills. First, you must build warehouses or mining and oil platforms in areas close to resource points. This allows resources to be collected more quickly. Next, you must build the structures necessary to produce and develop your units. It is important to have a sufficient number of workers for these structures to operate efficiently.

2. Equipment Management

You can upgrade each of your units with equipment in the game. Different equipment allows units to be more effective in combat. However, every equipment has a cost and may strain you financially.

To manage equipment wisely, you must take a strategic approach. First, you need to decide which unit will be upgraded with which equipment. When making this decision, you should consider the abilities your units have and your in-game strategy.

Additionally, you must distribute your equipment at the right time and to the right units. For example, if you choose equipment that is more powerful in air strikes, you can gain air superiority over the enemy. Likewise, you can neutralize enemy armored units using armor-piercing equipment. This tactical flexibility will make your decisions more effective when managing the game’s economy.

3. Trade and Cooperation

Trade is an important element for good economic management. In Iron Harvest, you can exchange resources with other players. For example, if you have excess iron and oil, you can sell them to another player and get other resources in return.

To use trade correctly, you must monitor the needs and resource status of other players. By trading between players, you can obtain the necessary resources and at the same time help other players. This trading and cooperation system balances the in-game economy and enables more sustainable economic growth.

4. Research and Technology

In Iron Harvest, you can strengthen your units and structures in the game by researching technological improvements. Research is a process that requires resources and time. Therefore, you should plan your research wisely and make strategic decisions for your future needs.

In order not to burden you financially, you should be a decision maker when managing your research. When deciding which technologies will improve your units and structures, you should consider which factors will affect you the most.

Research Innovations Research 1 Increases the damage of your units by 10% Research 2 Reduces research time by 20% Research 3 Allows faster travel on the surface


Iron Harvest is a strategy game that tests your economic management skills. Using your resources wisely, making an accurate production plan, managing equipment, trading, researching technology and collaborating will lead to a better in-game economy management.

By using these tips, you will take one more step towards success in Iron Harvest. Good luck and happy gaming!

Iron Harvest is a steampunk-style alternative history themed real-time strategy game. In this world set in the late 1920s, players struggle for control between three different factions that command massive war machines. In order for the game to be played successfully, resource distribution and production system play an important role. In this article, we will give detailed information about how we can improve the resource distribution and production system in Iron Harvest.

Resource Allocation

In the game, players’ access to resources directly affects their ability to make strategic moves. Therefore, it is important to allocate resources effectively. Here are some strategies you can use to achieve better resource allocation:

  • Economic Planning: Before starting the game, create an economic plan. Determine which resources you will use for which purposes and how many resources you will need. In this way, you can use resources in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Prioritizing Resources: Resources in the game are limited, so it is important to use them successfully. Determine the resources you need and prioritize accordingly. For example, if you need iron to manufacture equipment, you can manage your resources more efficiently by prioritizing iron mines.
  • Intelligence Gathering: Monitoring your competitors’ resources is a way to preempt their strategies. Using spies or reconnaissance units, you can monitor your opponents’ resources and tailor your attack plans for them accordingly.

Production System Improvements

A good production system allows you to have a strong economy in the game. With good resource allocation, you can follow these steps for a more effective production system:

  1. Improving Production Lines: In the game, imbalances in production lines can prevent the effective use of resources. Make updates to correct overproduction or underproduction situations that occur in your production line. Thus, you can use your resources in a more balanced way.
  2. Technology Research: In the game, discovering new technologies is important to produce stronger units and use resources more efficiently. By focusing on technology research as early as possible, you can gain an advantage over your competitors.
  3. Worker Management: Managing your workers efficiently can improve production speed and resource utilization. By placing workers at strategic locations, you can optimize your production process and ensure your resource flow is reliable.

Step Description 1 Create a Resource Allocation Plan 2 Prioritize Resources 3 Collect Intelligence 4 Improve Production Line 5 Conduct Technology Research

In Iron Harvest, resource allocation and production system are strategic elements vital to success. By using the methods mentioned above, you can achieve better economic management and gain an advantage over your competitors. As with any game, you will become a better player as you gain experience and improve your strategies. Good luck!

Iron Harvest is a strategy-oriented video game set in an alternate history. This game challenges players to control countries competing with each other and develop the economy. As players deal with the economic balances they encounter during this game, they get a great opportunity to observe and understand real-life economic balances.

The Importance of Price Policies

In the Iron Harvest game, price policies are an important factor because these policies affect the production and consumption processes. Depending on the raw materials and production technologies a country has, prices can rise and fall, affecting production and consumption decisions.

For example, if a country can produce a unit quickly, it can increase consumption by keeping the price of that unit low. As a result, the potential to trade with other countries in the game increases and the economy becomes more robust. However, there is also a risk that a country implementing this strategy will neglect other production units. It is of great importance that players take these risks into consideration when determining price policies.

Strategies for Managing Economic Balances Well

In the Iron Harvest game, some strategies can be applied to manage economic balances well and be successful. Here are these strategies:

  • Good Planning of Production Capacity: A country must have sufficient production capacity to meet its needs and trade. Players must plan their production capacities well and balance raw material consumption, production units and price policies.
  • Long-Term Investments: It is important to make long-term investments to ensure economic balance. These investments may include research to develop production technologies, enter new markets and gain competitive advantage.
  • Flexible Pricing Policies: Prices should be considered flexible in order to maintain economic balances. Players can maintain a competitive advantage by adjusting prices to balance demand and supply.

Rules and Consequences

Economic simulation games like Iron Harvest give players the opportunity to understand how real-life economic balances work. These games emphasize the importance of price policies and teach us how to manage economic balances.

The rules and strategies in the game serve as a guide for players to understand real-life economic balances. While players learn to balance production, consumption, price policies and trade decisions, they also gain the ability to manage risks.

Gains Losses Competitive advantage in production and trade Imbalances resulting from faulty price policies Potential for increasing market share and growth Insufficient production and raw material problems Strong economy with long-term investments Decrease in demand and trade imbalances


Economic simulation games like Iron Harvest give players the ability to understand and manage economic balances. These games improve players’ skills in developing strategies, managing risk, and focusing on trading decisions while also providing a general understanding of the economy.

In Iron Harvest, players learn about real-life economic challenges by observing the impact of price policies on economic balances. This game offers a fun way to learn how economic theories are used in practice.

A successful marketing strategy and effective business practices for a business are vital to ensuring sustainable growth. This article will discuss how trade and marketing strategies can be better managed. Also, Iron Harvest In-Game Economy: How to Manage It Better? Under the title, how trade and marketing strategies can be integrated into the in-game economy will also be discussed.

1. What are Trading and Marketing Strategies?

Business and marketing strategies include the plans and practices used to market a business’s products or services to a target audience and grow the business. These strategies cover many important elements, from determining the target audience to product development, pricing, distribution and promotions.

2. The Importance of Trade and Marketing Strategies

Proper planning and implementation of a business’s trading and marketing strategies provides the following five main benefits:

  • Competitive advantage : A correct marketing strategy can put the business ahead of the competition and differentiate it from competitors.

  • Customer satisfaction : Marketing strategies aim to better understand customer needs and provide them with valuable products and services. Thus, customer satisfaction increases.

  • Increasing the chances of success : Proper implementation of business and marketing strategies increases the likelihood of the business being successful.

  • Increasing market share : An effective marketing strategy helps the business gain more customers and increase market share in the target market.

  • Better profitability : A successful business and marketing strategy increases the profitability of the business by reducing costs while increasing revenues.

3. Iron Harvest In-Game Economy: How to Manage It Better?

Within a game like Iron Harvest, trading and marketing strategies influence and help manage the in-game economy. Players must create a strategic trading plan by accurately evaluating the resources in the game.

In this regard, the table below shows the main elements you need to consider when implementing trading and marketing strategies in the Iron Harvest game:

Element Description Supply Chain Includes operations such as production, distribution and stocking of resources in the game. A correct supply chain management ensures that resources are used effectively in the game. Trade Routes It is important to identify trade routes through which you can exchange resources between different regions in the game. Choosing the right trade routes allows you to obtain resources more efficiently. Pricing Determining the prices of your products in the game is a strategic decision. By creating a competitive pricing policy, you can increase the number of customers and ensure your profitability. Promotion and Marketing You can use advertising and promotions to properly introduce your products and services to players.

To successfully manage the in-game economy, it is important to consider the above-mentioned elements. Creating a proper trading and marketing strategy is an important step to successfully grow within the game.


Merchandising and marketing strategies are critical to ensuring a business grows and gaining competitive advantage. In games like Iron Harvest, trading and marketing strategies also help manage the in-game economy. In this article, the importance of trade and marketing strategies is emphasized and how they can be managed better is explained through the example of the Iron Harvest game.


In addition to having fun, games also contribute to the development of many skills and knowledge. Iron Harvest offers game lovers the opportunity to improve themselves by using both strategy and economic skills. This article will focus on in-game economy management and offer suggestions for better economy management.

What is In-Game Economy?

The in-game economy is a system of how to earn resources used in a game, how to manage those resources, and how players can use those resources. As in many strategy and war games, in Iron Harvest players must use their resources effectively to produce, strengthen their troops, and gain an advantage in battle.

In-game economy management ensures proper allocation of resources, continuous production, and helps the player achieve their goals. Good economy management allows the player to use his time and resources more efficiently.

How to Ensure Good Economic Management?

In a strategy game like Iron Harvest, the following factors should be taken into consideration for good economy management:

  • Resource Management: It should be planned how to use the resources provided by the game in the most efficient way. It should be determined which units, which technologies and which buildings to invest in. It is important to avoid wasting resources unnecessarily and focus on critical points.
  • Production: Constant production of troops and other resources should be ensured in the game. Production capacity can be increased, different resources can be distributed in a balanced way, and production amount can be planned according to strategic goals.
  • Trade: In the game, there may be the opportunity to trade with other players or artificial intelligence. More opportunities can be obtained by buying and selling resources. Trade must be carried out in a balanced and profitable manner.
  • Technology: Investments can also be made in technological developments in the game. Advantage can be gained by gaining access to more advanced technologies. Technological investments are important to increase production and war capabilities.

In-Game Economy Management Tips

For better economy management in a strategy game like Iron Harvest, the following tips should be taken into account:

  • Creating a Strategy Plan: A strategy plan must be created before the game starts. It should be determined which resources, troops and technologies will be given priority and action should be taken in line with this plan.
  • Using Resources Effectively: You should avoid wasting resources unnecessarily and use them in the most efficient way possible. Especially for strategic units, it is important to protect resources and use them at the right time and place.
  • Making Production Continuous: By increasing your production capacity, you can continuously produce your troops. Optimize your production lines and make the necessary investments to increase your production amount.
  • Using the Advantages of Trading: If you have the opportunity to trade, you can gain an advantage by buying and selling your resources. Purchasing missing resources or generating income by selling excess resources can support your strategy.
  • Investing in Technological Developments: By investing in advanced technologies, you can increase the strength and capabilities of your troops. Technological advancements should be an important part of your strategy.


When playing a game like Iron Harvest, it’s important to pay attention to in-game economy management. Good economic management allows you to properly allocate resources, ensure continuous production, and gain an advantage in battle. By using the tips mentioned in this article, you can make your in-game economy management more effective and implement your strategy more successfully.

  • Entrance

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game set in a wonderful alternate universe. However, the most important element for a successful strategy is to manage resources correctly and efficiently. In this article, we will consider the optimal use of resources in the game Iron Harvest and some ways to increase efficiency.

  • Getting to Know Resources

In Iron Harvest, the primary resources are oil. Oil is used to produce units, construct buildings, and research technologies. As a first step, it is important to identify the oil resources available in the game. Discovering resources and marking them on the map can provide strategic advantage. It is also important to place bases or defensive structures at strategic points to prevent access by rivals.

  • Managing the Economy Well

Managing your economy correctly allows you to gain the upper hand in battle. The first step is to follow oil closely. It is important to build suitable buildings and collect resources regularly for oil production. At the same time, you need to direct your workers correctly to ensure that your structures operate at optimum capacity. Allocating your workers effectively will promote rapid economic growth.

However, it is necessary to observe the balance of production. It is important to maintain adequate oil stocks for strategic units and technologies. You should also consider the resources required for defense. Excessive unit production or unnecessary technology research can weaken your economic power and put you at a disadvantage in battle.

  • Diplomacy and Trade

It is important to trade or engage in diplomacy for technological and economic superiority. You can exchange resources or buy technology from other players by forming alliances with them. This can help you use limited resources more efficiently. At the same time, alliances can provide strategic advantages for you and help you stand stronger against rival players.

  • Planning Resource Usage

In Iron Harvest, a strategic game, planning resource use is very important. Instead of wasting resources randomly, you should plan your resource usage considering the later stages of the battle. For example, you must ensure that you have enough resources for a strategic attack or accumulate the necessary resources for defense. You should also make sure you have enough resources to upgrade your unit or research a more powerful technology.


In Iron Harvest, optimal use of resources and efficiency are critical to a successful strategy. Factors such as knowing resources correctly, managing the economy, doing diplomacy and trade, and planning resource use can help you gain superiority in the game. By using these methods, you can achieve better economic management and achieve success in strategic battles in Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest In-Game Economy: How to Manage It Better?, Resource Distribution and Production System Improvements, Economic Balance and Price Policies, Trade and Marketing Strategies, Workforce Management and Training, Optimal Use of Resources and Ways to Increase Productivity



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