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Best Weapons and Equipment in Vanquish Game

Best Weapons and Equipment in Vanquish Game

Vanquish is an action game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Sega. The game, which takes place in a future where people have settled in space to search for a habitable planet, attracts attention with its gripping story and fast gameplay. Your powerful weapons and tactical equipment will give you great advantages to defeat your opponents. Here are the best weapons and equipment in the Vanquish game:

1. Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS)

The ARS is a powered suit worn by Sam Gideon, the main character in the game. This dress has many advantages. First of all, thanks to ARS, you can move faster and evade enemy attacks more easily. Additionally, you can be protected by the ARS energy shield. This shield will reduce damage when you get hit and increase your chances of survival.

2. BLADE (Battlefield Logic ADaptable Electronic Weapon)

BLADE is one of the most iconic weapons in the game and is part of ARS. BLADE is not only a traditional weapon for targeting and shooting, but also a shield that you can use to fend off enemy attacks. One of the advantages of BLADE is that it provides excellent defense against slow-moving projectiles. You can minimize the damage done to you by enemies by using BLADE with the right timing.

3. LFE Gun (Large Format Electronic Gun)

The LFE Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and is ideal for dealing with large enemies. The LFE Gun is an energy-powered weapon and has the potential to deal massive damage. It is possible to neutralize some enemies with a single shot. The disadvantage of the LFE Gun may be its slow rate of fire and very fast energy consumption. However, you can gain superiority against tough enemies by using this weapon with the right strategies.

4. CR (Close-Range Combat Rifle)

CR is one of the best weapons for melee combat in the Vanquish game. Thanks to its high rate of fire and low recoil, you can quickly neutralize your enemies at close range. CR also becomes more effective when combined with ARS, making it harder for enemies to see you.

5. Bogey

Bogey is a robot companion who helps you target and track enemies. This robot, developed by Gotkovitch Engineering in the game, is designed to protect you from enemy fire and provide strategic information for you. Bogey is equipped with an array of weapons that help you neutralize enemies.

6. Snatcher Pistol

Snatcher Pistol is a special weapon that allows you to control enemies. With the Snatcher Pistol, you can capture your enemies and make them help you. Also, you can use this weapon to neutralize enemies. The Snatcher Pistol is a unique weapon that offers a tactical advantage.

7. Boosters

Boosters are additional equipment with which you can improve your ARS and give you great advantages in difficult parts of the game. Different types of boosters, such as boosters that increase speed or reduce damage, can help you a lot in the later stages of the game. Boosters have a very important role in Vanquish, a strategy-based game.


There are many powerful weapons and tactical equipment you can use in the Vanquish game. ARS, BLADE, LFE Gun, CR, Bogey, Snatcher Pistol and Boosters will give you great advantages to deal with your enemies. You can improve your strategy and enjoy the game by using the right weapons and equipment.

Vanquish is an action-packed video game and offers players unlimited action and fun. Choosing the right weapons and equipment is very important to survive and triumph in this game. In this guide, you will discover the most effective weapons and most useful equipment in the Vanquish game.

1. Geyser ROAR

The Geyser ROAR is one of the most iconic weapons in the Vanquish game. This weapon is a rifle that has a high damage capacity. You can both target enemies with single shots and release an impressive energy blast by switching to charge mode. Geyser ROAR is an effective area control weapon and allows you to quickly neutralize your enemies.

2. LFE Gun

LFE Gun is a weapon in the Vanquish game with which you can perform powerful high-voltage shots using the electrical energy contained in it. This weapon allows you to neutralize your enemies while blowing them up and smashing them to pieces. The LFE Gun is a blast of energy that results in the lightning-fast death you want to see.

3. Disk Launcher

Disk Launcher is a weapon that allows you to attack your enemies with rapidly thrown disks. These discs explode on enemies, dealing a large amount of damage to them. Disk Launcher is perfect for clearing out groups of enemies in busy locations. It is especially effective against robot enemies and can easily penetrate their armor.

4. Boost Equipment

Boost equipment is equipment that allows you to increase your mobility. It is important to use this equipment in the game to move quickly and easily maneuver under enemy fire. Thanks to Boost, it will be much easier to escape enemy fire or quickly get behind the enemy. You also gain advantages such as floating in the air and moving faster.

5. ARS Suite

ARS Suit is the battle armor in the game and gives you great advantages with its different abilities. Thanks to this armor, you can withstand more damage and respond to the enemy with more firepower. The ARS Suit also has the ability to slow down the flow of time so you can target enemies more easily. You can gain an advantage by using the ARS Suit effectively in difficult parts of the game.

Weapon/Equipment Description Geyser ROAR A high damage rifle. LFE Gun A weapon that can deliver powerful shots using electrical energy. Disk Launcher A weapon that can blast enemies with rapidly launched disks. Boost Equipment A piece of equipment that increases mobility. ARS Suit has combat armor and the ability to slow down time.

These are the best weapons and equipment in the Vanquish game. They will make your game easier and more fun as each one has different abilities. By using the right combination of weapons and equipment, you can defeat tough enemies and become invincible in the game. Have fun playing!

Vanquish is a science fiction game that has become a favorite of action game enthusiasts. It attracts attention with its fast-paced gameplay, breathtaking visuals and diverse weapon options. In this article, we will talk in detail about the best weapons and equipment in the Vanquish game.

1. Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS)

One of the most important equipment in the game, ARS helps the player move faster on the battlefield and protect themselves from enemy fire. This special suit, which increases the player’s physical abilities, can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour in a limited time period.

2. BLADE Weapon

The high-tech BLADE weapon is an energy-powered firearm. Thanks to advanced technology, it has high damage ability and high firing rate. It also increases the player’s speed and maneuverability. BLADE is a great option to fight against enemies effectively.

3. LFE Gun

LFE Gun stands for “Laser-Induced Fusion” and works with a high-intensity laser. This weapon stands out with its ability to inflict great damage on its enemies. The creators of the LFE Gun can generate large amounts of energy to gain energy enemy superiority. This weapon is a very effective weapon in dealing with large groups of enemies.

Comparison of Weapons in Vanquish Game Weapon Damage Power Firing Speed ​​Features BLADE High Speed ​​Energy based, provides high maneuverability LFE Gun High Slow Works with high energy laser, deals great damage


In the Vanquish game, there is a special equipment called BOOSTER to move fast and avoid enemy attacks. This equipment allows the player to save energy when using ARS and allows him to move faster for longer. The player gains greater flexibility on the battlefield thanks to BOOSTER.

5. Thumper Bomb

The Thumper Grenade is an effective explosive device used against enemy troops. This bomb creates a powerful shockwave that will incapacitate surrounding enemies. The Thumper Grenade provides a tactical advantage over enemies and is designed to be used in confined spaces such as laboratories or corridors.

6. EMP Garnets

EMP Garnets used in the game are used to neutralize enemies’ weapons and armor by emitting electromagnetic waves that damage electronic systems. These garnets allow the player to use their attack advantage by making their enemies defenseless for a short time.

  • ARS provides the player with the ability to move quickly
  • BLADE Weapon deals high damage and fires fast
  • LFE Gun deals massive damage with high energy laser
  • BOOSTER allows the player to move faster for longer
  • Thumper Grenade neutralizes enemies
  • EMP Garnets neutralize enemy weapons

These weapons and equipment used in the Vanquish game allow players to develop different tactics. Correct equipment selection and strategic use allows the player to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. If you’re thinking of playing Vanquish, these weapons and equipment will be your best friends!

Vanquish is an action-packed third-person shooter game. In the game, players are equipped with ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit), a battle armor with super powers. Along with this armor, players are offered a wide variety of weapons and equipment. In this article, we will examine in detail the most impressive weapons and preferred equipment in the Vanquish game.

1. GOFAR (Guided Ordinance Firing Active Robot)

GOFAR is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This weapon provides players with the ability to deal a high amount of damage and can automatically fire at locked targets. A robot moving under the control of the user is used to target and destroy enemies. GOFAR can neutralize many enemies at the same time by firing consecutively.

2. LFE Gun (Laser-Firing Electroshock)

LFE Gun is a powered laser gun. Using this weapon, players can quickly destroy enemies by firing a high-intensity beam of energy. LFE Gun can also neutralize enemy armor and barriers. Therefore, it is recommended for use during intense conflicts.


PLASMA Gun is one of the most effective firearms in the game. This weapon destroys enemies by firing a high-energy plasma ball. Able to target many enemies simultaneously, PLASMA Gun provides area effectiveness and has devastating power against multiple targets.

4. Equipment

Vanquish Game is not only limited to powerful weapons, but is also filled with various equipment that offers players a chance to survive and gain an advantage. Here are the preferred equipment:

  • Augmented Reaction Suit Upgrade: This upgrade increases the performance of the player’s ARS armor. It offers fast movement, more durability and extra defense features.
  • Slo-Mo: Slo-Mo is equipment that temporarily slows down time. This allows players to react quickly and gives them an advantage in difficult fights.
  • Boosters: Boosters are thrust systems that allow the player to move faster. Thanks to this system, players can maneuver quickly even under enemy fire.
  • Health Packs: Health Packs are equipment used to replenish the player’s health. It is critical for survival during intense conflict.


Weapon/Equipment Name Damage/Power Score Range Rate of Fire GOFAR 5/5 Long High LFE Gun 4/5 Short-Medium Medium PLASMA Gun 5/5 Medium-Long Low Augmented Reaction Suit Upgrade N/AN/AN/A Slo-Mo N /AN/AN/A Boosters N/AN/AN/A Health Packs N/AN/AN/A

The table above shows the characteristics of weapons and equipment in the Vanquish game. Factors such as Damage/Power Score, range, and rate of fire can help players choose their preferred weapons and equipment.

The above mentioned weapons and equipment play an important role to achieve success in the Vanquish game. Players can defeat enemies and complete challenging missions by using these powerful weapons effectively. Likewise, by using the right equipment, the chance of survival can be increased and an advantage can be gained in conflicts.

Remember, every player has a different play style and preference. Therefore, it is important to make your weapon and equipment choices based on your own play style. As you gain experience in the Vanquish game, you will discover which weapons are more suitable for you.

Vanquish is an action game developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega. This sci-fi themed game is known for its fast-paced combat mechanics and impressive weapons. In this article, we will consider in detail the most powerful weapons in the Vanquish game and how to get them.

1. Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS)

ARS is a special armor set used in the Vanquish game. This armor set has many advantages. First of all, it increases the player’s mobility and allows them to take less damage from enemy attacks. Additionally, ARS has different modes to increase the player’s combat abilities.

ARS Mode Description AR Mode Provides the ability to use special reticles and greater precision. Blitz Mode Increases the player’s speed and provides a useful attack mode against enemies. Shield Mode Provides an energy shield to protect the player from enemy fire.

ARS can be obtained through different levels and power-ups as the game progresses. Therefore, it is important to keep your ARS updated and explore new mods to gain more abilities.

2. LFE Gun

The LFE (Laser Firing Emplacement) Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the Vanquish game. This massive firearm can incapacitate enemies with intense laser energy. LFE Gun can penetrate enemies’ armor to deal massive damage and target multiple enemies simultaneously.

The LFE Gun can be found later in the game or given as a reward for completing certain missions. To obtain the weapon, it is important that you focus on completing missions and exploring different areas around you.

3. Boost Machine Gun

Boost Machine Gun is a machine gun with impressive attack power in the Vanquish game. This weapon can neutralize enemies with its rapid rate of fire and excellent accuracy. Additionally, the Boost Machine Gun has the ability to “boost”, a feature used to recharge the player’s ARS energy.

Boost Machine Gun can be found at different points where the player can find it directly in the war zone or obtain it by defeating some enemies. To obtain this weapon, you may have to fight against some challenges that generally need to be completed.

4. Disc Launcher

Disc Launcher is a rare and high-explosive weapon in the Vanquish game. This weapon can easily target enemies at close range and take them out immediately. Disc Launcher is a great option for effectively clearing out crowds of enemies.

Disc Launcher can be obtained after completing certain challenges, such as exploring some secret areas and completing hidden quests. Therefore, it is important to fully explore the game and pay attention to hidden spots.

5. Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped Assault Rifle is a versatile and useful offensive weapon in the Vanquish game. This rifle can also target enemies from afar with its high fire rate and sniping ability. Additionally, the Scoped Assault Rifle has excellent attack power, which is effectively used against enemies.

Scoped Assault Rifle can be obtained by reaching certain stages and battle sections in the game. To use this weapon, it is important to improve your aiming and sniping skills.

The best weapons and equipment in the Vanquish game increase the player’s combat abilities and enable him to defeat enemies more effectively. Weapons such as ARS, LFE Gun, Boost Machine Gun, Disc Launcher and Scoped Assault Rifle provide players with high damage and protection capabilities. To obtain these weapons, it is important to fully explore the game and complete missions and challenges. By using these powerful weapons that the Vanquish game offers you, you can gain superiority in the battle against your enemies.

Vanquish is an action game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Sega. In the game, players enter an action-packed science fiction world. It features stunning graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and epic battles filled with armies of warring robots. To survive in Vanquish, it is important to use the best weapons and equipment. Here’s a detailed look at the top-tier weapons and equipment in the game.


There are various weapons in the game and each has different abilities. Here are the best weapons in Vanquish:

Weapon Capabilities ARS-415 This rifle stands out with its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity. It is very effective at close and medium distances. Lock-on Laser This weapon is a high-energy laser that can automatically lock on robot targets. Ideal for remote attacks. Grenade Launcher is a weapon that launches a scanning grenade. Useful for hitting multiple targets simultaneously.


Equipment is an auxiliary tool used to survive and defeat enemies in the game. Here are the best loadouts in Vanquish:

  • Boost Suit
  • This special suit increases the character’s speed and mobility. Ideal for moving quickly and dodging enemy attacks.

  • Augmented Reality Flags
  • These flags provide additional advantages to the player. For example, he can call for backup on teammates or deal damage to enemies.

  • Energy Booster
  • This equipment is used to replenish the character’s energy. Ideal for quickly replenishing health points.

You can improve your weapons and equipment throughout the game. Higher-level weapons deal more damage, while improved equipment provides more advantages. Players must choose their weapons and equipment, taking into account their playing style and preferences.

The best weapons and equipment in Vanquish may vary depending on players’ team strategies and playstyles. It is very important to make the right choice among these superior weapons and equipment in order to fully control the game and defeat tough enemies. If you are equipped with these weapons and equipment, you can become a true game master in Vanquish!

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