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Children of Morta: The Power of Family and Its Role in the Game

Children of Morta: The Power of Family and Its Role in the Game

Children of Morta is an action role-playing game developed by Dead Mage. As a member of the Bergson family, the player is tasked with exploring the world of Morta and fighting against the darkness. The power of family is of great importance in this game, which offers many exciting adventures and a challenging story.

The Power of Family

Children of Morta is one of the rare games that has a structure that emphasizes the power of the family. The game features a system where each Bergson family member has their own unique abilities and play style. By directing family members, the player can use these abilities and interact with each other.

  • John, the head of the Bergson family, is an expert in swordsmanship and has solid defensive skills. His strength and endurance inspire other family members and provide them with a protective shield.
  • Linda, John’s daughter, is a character skilled as an archer. She can neutralize enemies and support family members with remote attacks.
  • Kevin is a warrior, the youngest member of the family. He is a skilled sniper, performing fast and deadly attacks.
  • Mark is the family’s health expert and has healing abilities. In the game, he undertakes tasks such as filling health pots and regenerating health for family members.
  • Lucy is a sorceress who specializes in the use of mastic. Using his magical abilities, he can control enemies or cast support spells to protect the family.

These different abilities shape the gaming experience, with combinations of family members chosen according to the player’s play style and difficulty level. Each of the creatures in the game has different characteristics, so it is important for family members to complement each other and cooperate.

Role in the Game

Family isn’t just an in-game mechanic in Children of Morta; it is also central to the story and themes in the game. With the rise of dark forces in the world of Morta, the Bergson family takes on the war mission as the chosen family. The family’s mission is to protect the land threatened by darkness and ensure the safety of the people.

The play highlights the family’s relationships with each other and their ability to work together. Building trust and solidarity among family members represents a dynamic that is important for survival in the Morta world. Interactions and dialogues between characters add depth and emotion to the game.

Every family member has their story and challenges. By switching between characters, the player can discover the personal story of each and develop them, making them stronger. The development of family members is ensured by the power of Lantern, which is defined as the virtue of the world of light.

Family Member Lantern Power John Stamina increase Linda Attack speed increase Kevin Damage increase Mark Healing power increase Lucy Spell power increase

The family’s common goal is to save the world of Morta. As you progress through the game, creatures become more challenging and new dangers appear. Family members must support each other as they fight against enemies and carry out their duties.

Children of Morta is a unique role-playing game that highlights the strength and solidarity of family. Players can use their family members’ abilities to work together to protect the world of Morta by embarking on challenging adventures. The safety of people and the fate of the world are in the hands of the Bergson family.

In the game world, family often means a strong bond and solidarity, just like in the real world. Children of Morta is a game built on exactly this concept. This game attracts players by highlighting the combat abilities of different characters and their role in the family. Each character has different attack and defense abilities and they improve their abilities as the game progresses.

Family, Brotherhood and Trust

Children of Morta tells the epic story of the Bergson family. By playing with different members of this family, players try to defeat the evil forces together. Each character has unique offensive and defensive abilities, but their greatest strength comes from their family ties. Learning to work together and fight together are among the most important strategies.

By experiencing each character in the game, you can discover their special abilities and different attack techniques. The ability to switch between characters increases the tactical depth of the game and shows how and when to use each character is important.

Attack and Defense Levels of Characters

Character Attack Level Defense Level John High Medium Linda Medium High Kevin High Low Lucy Low High Mark Medium Medium

Each character in the game has a different attack and defense level. John is a warrior with strong attacks and a moderate defense. Linda, on the other hand, has medium level offensive abilities and takes on the defense of the team with her high defensive abilities.

Although Kevin has high attack power, he has low defensive ability. That’s why it needs to be used tactically. Although Lucy deals low attack damage, she provides support to the team with her high defensive abilities.

Mark, on the other hand, can both attack and defend at the mid-level. Mark, a unique character, can be the balance element of the team.

The Importance of Cooperative Play

Children of Morta can be played as a single player or offers a cooperative experience. By cooperating with each other, players can fight as a stronger family unit. The fact that each character has different abilities emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

Additionally, the game also has special combinations of characters that support each other. For example, after John’s powerful attacks, Linda has an ability that can support him. You can increase the strength of your team by exploring such combinations.

Children of Morta is a unique game that emphasizes family bonds, working together and team spirit. Each character’s different attack and defense levels provide a strategic experience. Players can fight against evil forces by relying on their strong family ties. The game reminds us that hope and solidarity are among the most important elements.

Children of Morta is a roguelike action role-playing game developed by Dead Mage and published by 11 bit studios. In the game, you manage the Bergson family, who, along with their bodyguards, fight against extremely dangerous monsters. The strength of the family comes from the connection each member has with each other. In this article, we will discuss in detail the connection between the characters in Children of Morta and the role of the power of the family in the game.

Family Ties

Children of Morta offers the opportunity to control members of the Bergson family, emphasizing each character’s strong connection with the other members. In the game, players choose to play as a specific character due to each member’s unique abilities and combat skills. The relationships of these characters with each other enable the power of the family to emerge.

The Bergson family is a family that often serves as rangers and takes responsibility for protecting the land they live in. However, as the story develops, it becomes clear that the Bergson family is forced to fight the evil forces involved in the war. The fact that each member of the family shares the same goal further strengthens their bonds with each other.

In the play, members of the Bergson family form a team that supports each other and fights together. The different abilities and combat style of each character give players the opportunity to fully utilize the strength of the team. For example, John can quickly grab enemies while Linda can deal wide area damage. Characters on the same team can strategically help each other to defeat enemies.

Furthermore, the bonds between Bergson family members help players fully understand the story and experience the power of family. The dialogues and interactions between the characters show how the family copes with the difficulties they experience together. This adds to the depth and emotional aspect of the story.

Role in the Game

The strength of the family is one of the most important factors in the game. Bergson family members supporting each other allows players to create powerful team combinations and improve their ability to fight against tougher enemies.

Each character can be customized according to players’ play style and preferences. When a character levels up, they gain new abilities and power-ups. This allows players to further increase the team’s strength and they can develop a better strategy to complete more challenging missions.

It is also possible to improve the family’s home in the game. This allows you to have advantages that further increase the power of the family. There are many options, including new skill trees, new equipment that can be used when fighting enemies, and special items that can be used to improve the abilities of family members.


Children of Morta is an impressive game that emphasizes family ties and allows players to strengthen the characters through their relationships with each other. The Bergson family members fighting together provides players with a deep story and emotional experience while increasing their ability to develop strategies. The power of the family can be increased through the development of the house and the abilities of the characters, which can be customized according to the players’ play style and preferences. Children of Morta offers an experience where the power of family is one of the cornerstones of the game.

Morta is a game that many players are eagerly awaiting, where players work as a family in a world full of action and exploration. Children of Morta has been a remarkable production with its graphics, atmosphere and gripping story.

Family Members and Special Abilities

There are many character options in Children of Morta, and each has their own unique abilities. Each character has their own story, combat style, and strengths and weaknesses. These features allow players to create a strong family unit by playing strategically. You can find the family members and their common abilities in the table below: Character Abilities Strategic Role John Spearman, deals high damage Fights enemies on the front line Linda Uses an automatic rifle, long range damage Stay away from enemies while dealing damage on the attack Lucy Uses spells, area of ​​effect damage Effective against group enemies Mark Uses a shield and neutralizes enemies. Protects teammates. Kevin Uses a fast and sharp sword. Effective in fast and close combat.

In the table above, you can see that each character has different abilities and strategic roles. This allows the player to adjust team dynamics using each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strategic Role and Teamwork

Strategic role and teamwork are of great importance in Children of Morta. The player must use each family member correctly and strategically direct the team. For example, it’s important for John to fight enemies directly with his ability to deal high damage, but supporting him with a long-range character like Linda can also be beneficial. Likewise, Mark’s role as protector should be complemented by faster and more aggressive characters such as Kevin or Lucy.

The power of the family emerges when it brings together these different talents and strategic roles. It’s important to provide variety and balance by using each family member effectively, rather than relying on just one character’s abilities. When players use abilities in a complementary manner, they increase their chances of dealing with tough enemies and completing challenging missions.


Children of Morta teaches players to work as a family by bringing together characters with different abilities. Each character has a strategic role and players must lead the team effectively. This strategic role and teamwork, which is the power of the family, is of great importance for the game to be successful. Players need to create a family unit where team members can combine their abilities to overcome challenges and complete the story.

Children of Morta is a game that teaches you how to survive and protect your family in a cruel world where different abilities combine. The player’s understanding and use of the strategic role of each family member is the key to success.

Children of Morta is an action role-playing game developed by Dead Mage and published by 11 bit studios. In the game, we control members of the legendary Morta family and fight against the Rise of Evil. The main characters are members of the Bergson family.

Mother and Father Characters

The Bergson family consists of 6 main characters in total in the play. Each character has their own unique abilities and playstyles. Here are the indispensable members of the Morta family:

Character Abilities Relationships John High damage ability. Espos has a solid relationship with his wife and his ever-supportive father, Ben. Linda is the sister of Espos, who has fast attacks and long-range attacks and is John’s wife. She constantly makes efforts to strengthen family ties. Kevin is John and Linda’s son who is a skilled archer and sneaky mover. Even though he does not have a close relationship with other family members, he is always ready to help them. Mark Tough and a master of close combat, the youngest son of John and Linda, Kevin symbolizes the toughness of the family. He has gained the trust of other family members. Lucas is an adopted child of John and Linda who has the ability to cast elemental spells and revive. He constantly tries to improve his skills in order to be accepted in the family. Lucy is an adopted child of John and Linda who has devastating fire spells and defensive abilities. As the daughter of the family, she was raised by the Morta couple.

The relationship of each main character with the Morta family forms the main theme of the play. Family bonds include strong side-to-side warmth and support between characters.

Special Abilities and Relationships

Each character can be improved with experience points collected as the game progresses. These points help upgrade the character’s special abilities and attacks. Developing talents further strengthens family ties.

For example, John’s high damage abilities become more effective over time. This gives him greater strength and durability. At the same time, Linda’s fast attack abilities can also be upgraded. In this way, we can easily defeat the enemies and make the fight less challenging.

Additionally, characters’ relationships also affect their special abilities. For example, when John and Linda come together, the resulting synergy gives them an extra advantage. This synergy encourages teamwork and shows that the Bergson family is stronger together.

Characters’ relationships and special abilities provide players with a variety of strategic options. Thanks to the unique abilities of each family member, you can lead your team against the enemy more effectively.

Children of Morta is a game that emphasizes the strength and importance of family ties. The relationships of the mother and father characters along with their special abilities offer players a unique experience. This game reminds you how important family unity is, while also offering you the opportunity to fight in a world full of action and adventure.

Children of Morta is an impressive hack and slash game that tells players the story of a family. This game tells the adventures of the Mortada Family in a fantasy world and their strong bonds with each other. In the game, each member of the family has a role and is important for the development and progression of the story.

First Steps and the Meaning of the Journey

At the beginning of the game, players are given the opportunity to play as different members of the Bergson Family. These family members live together in their village as a component of the entire Mortada Family. However, dark forces threatening their village reveal the need to carry out the Family Reunion. This vintage is a ritual that will allow the family to gather their strength and save their village.

The meaning of the journey is for the Mortada Family to discover why they must stay together as they protect their village by performing the Family Reunion. Each player discovers each character’s story as they control different members of the family throughout the game. This journey allows the members of the Mortada Family to understand their own strengths and limitations, making them bond even more to each other.

Each character’s story and abilities add depth to the game. For example, John is the father of the family and a powerful swordsman. Linda is a wise hunter who can shoot enemies from afar with her arrows. Each character has different abilities, allowing players to fully use the game mechanics and emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

The Power of Family and Its Role in the Game

The Mortada Family is the focal point of the game and forms the basis for players’ success on the journey. Family members try to save their village by using their own abilities and powers. Each character has a specific role in the game, and these roles gain more meaning as the game progresses.

Character Role John Pioneer and protector Linda Remote fighter Kevin Fast and agile fighter Mark Defensive tank Lucy Energy provider and healer

Each member of the Mortada Family has the ability to develop their own powers. Players can make their characters stronger by increasing their experience points and abilities. This allows the family to become stronger both individually and together.

Source of Motivation

The villages under the protection of the family are located in a world full of dangers and enemies. The Mortada Family must rely on each other to confront these threats and defend their village. This solidarity and togetherness is the source of the family’s motivation.

The stories and backstories of each family member help players bond and understand the characters’ motivations. Each character has the desire to protect their village and their loved ones, and these desires push them forward. Players can control characters more effectively by acting depending on the source of their motivation.

Children of Morta is a game that emphasizes how strong family ties can be and the importance of working together. Each member of the Mortada Family protects their village by acting with their own abilities and roles, while keeping the motivation of the players high. The success of the game depends on the strength of the family and the teamwork of the players. Working together as a family is the key to survival for the Mortada Family.

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