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Evil West Characters: Full Profiles and Background Stories

Evil West Characters: Full Profiles and Background Stories

Evil West is an action game that stands out with its stunning graphics and wild west theme. Each of the playable characters in this game has a unique background, abilities, and personalities. In this article, we will introduce the characters of Evil West and provide full profiles and background stories.

1. Jesse

Jesse is the main character of Evil West. He is an experienced hunter who devotes himself to fighting supernatural creatures. He lost his family in a vampire attack when he was young. This incident caused him to turn into a ruthless hunter.

Name Jesse Profession Hunter Abilities High speed, sniping, improvised explosives Characteristics Ability to control one’s anger


Amelia is a hunter who fights supernatural creatures as Jesse’s partner. Working with Jesse, she aims to protect the world from these dark forces. Amelia’s family was also lost in a vampire attack at a young age.

Name Amelia Profession Hunter Skills Rapid shooting, close combat mastery, powerful spells Characteristic Feature Ability to move quickly and sharply with his sword


Morgan is one of the most dangerous villains in the Evil West universe. He is a hunter who previously worked with Jesse and Amelia, but was captured and controlled by dark forces. Now he is fighting Jesse and Amelia, who are both struggling to stop him.

Name Morgan Profession Under the command of dark forces Abilities Powerful spells, control skills Characteristic Feature Ability to control dark forces

4. Maria

Maria is a hunter who belongs to a secret cult in the world of Evil West. He masters dangerous magic, protecting the secrets of ancient mysteries. Maria’s goal is to protect the world from the invasion of dark forces.

Name Maria Profession Cult hunter Abilities Magical weapons, special protection spells Characteristic Feature Resistance to dark magic

5. Ivan

Ivan is one of the most interesting characters in the Evil West universe. He is a Russian hunter and fights with a strong wooden hammer. In addition to being a skilled warrior, he has a dark sense of humor. Ivan explores the dark world filled with creatures to find his missing family.

Name Ivan Profession Hunter Abilities Hammer fighting, endurance, breaking abilities Characteristics Dark sense of humor

Evil West offers players a deep gaming experience with a variety of playable characters and complex background stories. Jesse, Amelia, Morgan, Maria and Ivan each have unique abilities and personalities that provide players with different experiences. If you want to lose yourself in the world of Evil West, we highly recommend adventuring with these characters!

Isabella, one of the characters you will encounter in the Evil West video game, is a character that attracts attention with her mystery and witchcraft. In this article, we will detail the full profile and background story of Isabella, the mysterious sorceress of the Evil West.

General Information

Isabella is a sorceress who attracts attention with her unique clothing style and impressive appearance. Secrets begin to flow from Isabella’s eyes as soon as you encounter her dark dresses and long dark hair reaching down to her neck. You can often see him alone in the arenas, as his wizarding abilities have given him a strong independence.

Isabella’s origins are not fully known. According to some, she was born in the Middle Ages and developed her witchcraft abilities during this period. According to some other theories, she was born with supernatural powers and entered the world of witchcraft in middle age.

Mysterious Abilities

Isabella is one of the most powerful sorceresses in the Evil West. She strikes fear into her enemies with her magical abilities and uses dark spells to defeat them. One of Isabella’s most impressive abilities is her ice spells, with which she can freeze her enemies. She can incapacitate any enemy by suddenly covering them with ice, thus gaining an advantage.

Additionally, Isabella’s sorcery abilities aren’t just offensive. He also has powerful healing abilities. She can treat her own wounds or those of her allies and ensure they can move safely across the battlefield. In this way, she both increases her own chances of survival and supports her teammates.

Background Story

Isabella’s background story reveals that she has a past full of mysteries. Although there is not much information about his past, some clues reveal events.

According to some sources, when Isabella was a child, she was accused by her family of using her witchcraft abilities and was ostracized by everyone. Left alone due to the negative reaction of her family and the exclusion of society, Isabella set out on the road to explore the world and develop her talents.

After some time, Isabella encountered the powerful wizard Valentin. Valentin taught Isabella the depths of the wizarding world and took her under his protection. Valentin strengthened Isabella and passed on to her the secret teachings of the sorcerers.

In the continuation of her story, Isabella takes Valentin’s place after his death and takes on the task of fighting the dark forces in the wizarding world. However, Isabella’s own mystery and true purpose remain unknown.

Name Age Gender Abilities Isabella Unknown Female Ice spells, healing abilities


Isabella, the mysterious sorceress of the Evil West, is a character with dark powers. While She can freeze her enemies with ice spells, she also has the ability to heal her teammates. Although her past still holds many mysteries, understanding Isabella’s story and character profile offers players a deep journey into the Evil West universe.

Episode 2: Antagonist – Barba Borde

In the second part of the series of full profiles and background stories of the game Evil West, whose mysterious world is full of evil, we turn our attention to the vampire leader Barba Borde. Barba Borde, a brutal and frightening blood vampire, is one of the most striking characters in the game. In this article, we will learn more about his background, abilities, and goals.


Barba Borde’s real name is Bartolomeo Bordini and he comes from a Venetian bourgeois family. Barba Borde was attacked by a vampire at a young age and chose to become a blood vampire in order to survive. This transformation has given him superhuman powers, but it has also brought him a thirst for blood and the obligation to deal with his mortal enemies.

After some time, Barba Borde joined a secret vampire guild to improve his vampire skills. This guild specializes in dark magic and blood rituals. Barba Borde’s power and ruthlessness within the guild enabled him to become its leader.


Barba Borde is a powerful blood vampire leader, unlike other vampires. Thanks to her ability to hypnotize people, she can easily control them and use them as she wishes. She is also endowed with superior immortality and rapid healing powers.

However, its most prominent feature is an ability that is rare among blood vampires. By absorbing the blood of his enemies, Barba Borde can replenish his energy and gain greater power from the blood of mortals. Thanks to this feature, he can be much stronger and more brutal in battles.


Barba Borde’s goal is to ensure the supremacy of the vampire breed. She wants to dominate the mortal world for more power and control. Therefore, Barba Borde will strive to eliminate anything that threatens humans and their other superiority.

Additionally, Barba Borde has a deep desire for revenge. She fights endlessly to kill those who betrayed and harmed her in the past. She is particularly ill-intentioned towards her family and old friends living in Venice.

Barba Borde’s goals and evil become more evident in the later stages of the Evil West game. He will appear before the players as a formidable enemy and engage in a brutal fight with them.

Appearance Features Ash black hair Ability to hypnotize Blood red eyes Superior immortality Long cloak Fast healing powers

  • Barba Borde comes from a Venetian bourgeois family.
  • He continues his life by choosing to become a vampire.
  • He has become the leader of the blood vampire guild.
  • He has the ability to control people by hypnosis.
  • He becomes stronger by using the blood of mortals.
  • His goal is to ensure the supremacy of the vampire species and take revenge.

Barba Borde, one of the most malicious characters in the Evil West game, will pose a great threat to the players. His story and evil deeds will further deepen the atmosphere of the game and provide players with an unforgettable experience.

Mysterious Character: Eşrefoğlu – A Stage Magician Shaped by a Play of Destiny

Evil West is a video game set in a world filled with breathtaking action scenes. While players embark on exciting adventures with Eşrefoğlu, one of the main characters, we want to examine the full profile and background story of this mysterious character.

Who is Eşrefoğlu?

Eşrefoğlu is an enigmatic and mysterious stage magician. This character, originally of Turkish origin, is a very talented illusionist and has a great reputation in the show business. However, it is known that extraordinary talents emerge behind Eşrefoğlu’s stage performances.

There is not much information about Eşrefoğlu’s real name and history. This makes it more mysterious and intriguing. He attracted the attention of evil forces with the secrets hidden behind his stage performances.

Eşrefoğlu’s Powers and Abilities

Although Eşrefoğlu seems to be just a stage magician, he actually has extraordinary powers and abilities. These powers give him a great advantage in the world of Evil West.

  • Illusion Abilities: Eşrefoğlu is extremely talented at deceiving people. He skillfully uses illusions to mislead people, confuse enemies, and give them a chance to escape.
  • Telekinesis: Eşrefoğlu can move objects using the power of his mind. Thanks to this ability, he can neutralize enemies or protect himself.
  • Opening a Portal: Eşrefoğlu has the ability to open a portal to different dimensions. In this way, he gets the opportunity to escape or gain an advantage in the moment of attack.
  • Spell Casting Staff: Eşrefoğlu uses a special spell casting staff to enhance his powers and resist his enemies. This staff gives him extra abilities and increases his power.

Background Story of Eşrefoğlu

Eşrefoğlu’s background story is quite complex and his true origins are not fully known. However, according to known information, Eşrefoğlu has been interested in magic since his young age. He discovered his extraordinary abilities while training in a secret society of magicians in Istanbul.

After completing his education, Eşrefoğlu gained worldwide fame as a stage magician. However, the real talents he hides behind his stage performances have attracted the attention of evil forces. Eşrefoğlu escaped from his enemies and came to Evil West and built a new life for himself here.

Eşrefoğlu’s adventures in the Evil West world and what happened to him have made him stronger. He becomes more and more proficient in his battle with the dark forces every day. His goal is to destroy evil and save people in the world of Evil West.


Eşrefoğlu is one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters in the Evil West world. In addition to his stage magic abilities, he has extraordinary powers and abilities. The background story makes it even more interesting and keeps the players’ sense of curiosity alive.

Eşrefoğlu’s role and adventures in Evil West increase the excitement of the game and provide an unforgettable experience. Players will use his powers and tactics to fight against his enemies while trying to discover clues about his mysterious past.

Evil West is an action game that brings together the extraordinary abilities of various characters such as Eşrefoğlu, and each character has their own unique characteristics. This allows players to choose characters that suit different play styles. Defeating your enemies using Eşrefoğlu’s powerful abilities and intelligence will provide great satisfaction to the players.

In the world of Evil West, there are many adventures full of mysterious characters like Eşrefoğlu. The background story and abilities of each character increase the depth of the game and engage the players. Evil West will offer an unforgettable gaming experience with its gripping story and diverse characters.

Evil West Characters: Gabriel – A hunter who escaped from within

Evil West is an exciting action game that combines horror and wild west theme. The game’s premium characters have various characteristics to provide players with a unique experience. In this article, we will cover the full profile and background story of Gabriel, one of the Evil West characters.

Gabriel: A Hunter Surviving Within

Gabriel is a character from the depths of the Evil West universe. He may seem like a quiet and mysterious person at first glance, but the story behind him is quite impressive and remarkable.

In his youth, Gabriel began to live like an ordinary hunter. His passion for nature motivated him to hunt and research about nature for years. However, everything changed when he encountered a surprising incident during a hunting party. The group of hunters were attacked in the forest by a creature they weren’t looking for.

During this attack, Gabriel fought selflessly to save the lives of other hunters. However, he also received a major injury and lost consciousness. It was at this point that Gabriel discovered his true character. When he opened his eyes, he was faced with death and destruction surrounding him. Its public and natural existence was never possible again because it was corrupted by the creature to which it was subjected.

Although his physical wounds healed, a deep wound was opened in Gabriel’s mind. He devoted himself to fighting the creatures. However, he also realized that these dark creatures were not as dark as they were. Despite the evil within them, he knew there was a power controlling them, and he had to fight his own dark side to reveal this power.

Throughout his story, Gabriel will prove himself as a hero trying to find redemption. While fighting the ghosts of the past, he will also have to fight the evil within him. He hopes that as he looks within himself, he can find the strength he needs to fight the creatures.

Gabriel’s Special Powers

Gabriel is not only a skilled hunter, but also a character with supernatural powers. In particular, he attracts attention with both his offensive and defensive skills.

Special Power Description Dark Potion Gabriel comes with a dark potion that he can use while attacking. This potion gives him the ability to make powerful attack hits. Shield Spell Gabriel can use the shield spell to protect himself from enemy attacks. This skill grants him the ability to protect his allies and himself from attacks. Dark Ecstatic State This powerful ability allows Gabriel to unleash his inner darkness. While in this state, Gabriel gains incredible speed and strength, becoming an effective weapon to destroy his enemies.

Gabriel’s special powers give players control over a variety of gaming strategies. Attacking skills are emphasized for those who prefer an offensive approach, while protection and healing abilities come to the fore for those who want to follow a more defensive strategy.

Gabriel, one of the Evil West characters, offers a unique experience as a hunter who survives from within. It manages to impress players with its extraordinary background story and extraordinary abilities, in line with the atmosphere of the game.

Experiencing Gabriel in the Evil West game offers you the opportunity to overcome your dark side and discover your inner strength, as well as diving into his supernatural world. Gabriel is a truly unforgettable character with his brave hunter identity and determination-filled side story.

Samson: A musketeer who survived a captured village

Encountering characters is inevitable as you wander through the exciting world of Evil West. Each of these characters has their own unique characteristics and deep stories behind them. Here is the full profile and background story of Samson, one of the unforgettable characters of Evil West.

Samson’s Profile:

Samson is an experienced and tough gunslinger roaming the Evil West universe. He was born and raised in a peaceful village like Kördük. However, his life changes one day when the villagers are exposed to a group of vigilantes. Samson is among the villagers who are subjected to a brutal attack. Forced to stand against these terrifying attackers alone, Samson swears to seek accountability. Now, taking revenge on the peace in the village and the innocent villagers becomes his priority.

Samson’s Background Story:

Samson’s past begins with the happy days he lived in his village. He was raised by protective and strong village people. As a trained swordsman, he traveled around the region, helping villages and playing a role in ensuring justice. However, a brutal attack by a group of vigilantes in his village radically changes his life.

This attack causes his loved ones and friends in the village to be brutally murdered. Samson survives this brutal attack by the outlaws only by sustaining serious injuries. Samson, who survived by protecting himself wholeheartedly, swears an oath after this tragedy. He will now hunt these outlaws one by one to ensure justice and bring back the peace of the innocent.

Samson’s Abilities and Weapons:

Samson uses his past experiences to be his best and is a versatile swordsman. He gains superiority over his enemies with his speed, sniping, fighting skills and smart tactics.

Below is a table containing Samson’s abilities and the weapons he uses:

Abilities Weapons Rapid fire Pistol High marksmanship Rifle Melee mastery Knife Tactical intelligence Traps

As Samson bravely fights against his enemies in the world of Evil West, he becomes stronger with his abilities and weapons. He proceeds with the desire to find the brutal enemies of his village and achieve justice in the background.


Samson, one of the unforgettable characters in the Evil West universe, is a gunslinger filled with a desire for revenge that emerged after the attack on his village. With his skills, courage and desire to achieve justice, he fights against evil in the world of Evil West. Its story adds depth to the impressive atmosphere of the Evil West, providing players with an unforgettable experience.

Evil West Characters: Full Profile and Background Stories, Supporting Character: Isabella – A mysterious sorceress, Antagonist: Barba Borde – A ruthless blood vampire leader, Mysterious Character: Eşrefoğlu – A stage magician shaped by a twist of fate, Main Character: Gabriel – A survivor of execution a hunter,Side Character: Samson – A gunslinger who survived a burned village



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