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Firewall: The Best Community-Created Maps in Zero Hour

Firewall: The Best Community-Created Maps in Zero Hour

Firewall: Zero Hour is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that can be played on the PlayStation VR platform. In the game, we perform tasks against other players where we work as a team. The success of the game depends on the quality of its original maps, but also the maps created by the community.

Firewall: Zero Hour Community Maps

Community maps created by many Firefall: Zero Hour players offer players more variety and different experiences. Below you can find some of the best maps created by the community:

Map Name Creator Description City Streets JohnDoe City Streets is an exciting map that offers a detailed navigable city environment. Players must think strategically as they escape buildings and sneak through the streets. Jungle Ruins GamingMaster Jungle Ruins is a magnificent map representing an ancient treasure hunters’ camp hidden among the trees. Players must be careful in this intense environment where enemies can appear quickly. Desert Storm SandMan Desert Storm, set in a vast desert environment, represents a harsh battlefield where players face a challenging mission that requires more teamwork than ever before.

The Importance of Community Maps

Community-created maps bring a surprising twist to Firefall: Zero Hour and extend the game’s lifespan. The importance and benefits of these maps are as follows:

  • Variety: Community maps offer players the opportunity to play in completely new environments and missions outside of the original game maps. This provides more variety in the game and increases the replayability of the game.
  • Creativity: Community members can use their creative thinking abilities by turning their own ideas into reality. Mapping allows players to show off their creativity and develop ideas about how the game world can be expanded.
  • Community Bonds: Community-created maps create a bond between players and bring community members together. Players can interact and make new friends by participating in map creation events.
  • Surprise and Excitement: Community maps offer surprises and exciting enemy placements outside of the original game maps. Players who enter these maps for the first time rediscover the joy of the game with the excitement of a new environment.

How to Create Community Maps?

Firefall: Zero Hour allows community members to create maps and share them with other players. Here are the steps on how a player can create a community map:

  1. Open the Game Editor: The player starts by opening the map creation editor within the game.
  2. Map Design: Using the editor, prepares a general outline for the map. This stage determines where there will be buildings or obstacles and adjusts the general layout.
  3. Add Details: The map is then detailed by the player. Details such as vegetation, ground materials, and other atmospheric elements are added. At this stage, elements that will make the map truly extraordinary are considered.
  4. Test: Once the map is completed, the player tests the map and checks for any bugs or instability.
  5. Share: The player makes the completed map available to other players on the game’s community platform.


Community-created maps add extra value and innovation to Firewall: Zero Hour, giving players more options. These maps created by community members also increase the success of the game and further enrich the gaming experience of the players.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a tactical first-person shooter game that has gained great popularity in the gaming world and attracted great attention from gamers. This game offers a multiplayer experience where players attempt to accomplish objectives by working together or competing with opposing teams. Maps also have a big impact on the success of the game, and some of the maps created by the Firewall: Zero Hour community have become very popular and frequently played among players.

1. “The Facility” (2 – 8 Players)

This map takes its place as a top-notch map that is considered among the best maps by the Firewall: Zero Hour community. The Facility represents a complex containing many secret corridors and traps. Thanks to the detailed design of the map, players find many opportunities to neutralize each other with tactical moves. This map, where teamwork-based strategies are implemented most effectively, manages to be the favorite of many players.

2. “Cargo” (2 – 8 Players)

Cargo is a frequently played and liked map among Firewall: Zero Hour players and takes place on a large cargo ship. Players must use limited spaces to gain tactical advantages over the enemy team while navigating narrow corridors. The impressive graphics and detailed design of the map provide players with a realistic experience and provide a competitive playing field.

3. “Bunker” (2 – 8 Players)

Bunker is another map that is among the best maps by the Firewall: Zero Hour community and is loved by players. This map represents an underground military facility and offers players an environment full of narrow corridors and complex passages. Players must make tactical moves and demonstrate good teamwork to gain superiority over their enemies. Bunker map offers players a competitive and challenging experience.

4. “Compound” (2 – 8 Players)

Compound has gained popularity in the Firewall: Zero Hour community as another map that is frequently played and liked by players. This map represents a complex full of protective walls and secret passages. Players must use their tactical skills to launch surprise attacks against their enemies and reach the target while moving through narrow corridors. Compound map is an excellent map that offers players a realistic tactical shooter experience.

5. “District” (2 – 8 Players)

District is a map that is among the best and frequently played by the Firewall: Zero Hour community. This map offers players many tactical options while representing the narrow streets and buildings of the city. Players must use a variety of tactics to gain an advantageous position against their enemies and accomplish their objectives. District map offers players a realistic and exciting shooting experience.

6. “Warehouse” (2 – 8 Players)

Warehouse is another map liked by Firewall: Zero Hour players and is especially preferred by players who like fast and breathtaking experiences. This map is designed as a warehouse complex and offers players an experience that requires quick reflexes and accurate aiming skills. With good teamwork and tactical moves, you can gain superiority over your enemies and achieve your goals.

7. “Compound” (2 – 8 Players)

Compound map is another map that is very popular among players. This map offers different tactical options such as corner blasting, sniper points and corridors. Players can use procedural strategies on this map to gain an advantageous position against their enemies and fulfill their goals.

8. “Estate” (2 – 8 Players)

The Estate map is a map that is highly appreciated among Firewall: Zero Hour players. This map represents a luxurious mansion and offers players large areas, complex passages and different tactical options. Players must use this vast environment to gain superiority over their enemies and make strategic moves. The Estate map is an impressive map that offers players a realistic tactical shooter experience.

Map Name Number of Players The Facility 2 – 8 Players Cargo 2 – 8 Players Bunker 2 – 8 Players Compound 2 – 8 Players District 2 – 8 Players Warehouse 2 – 8 Players Compound 2 – 8 Players Estate 2 – 8 Players

The best community-created maps in Firewall: Zero Hour include The Facility, Cargo, Bunker, Compound, District, Warehouse, Compound, and Estate. These maps are popular and frequently played choices among players. Each map offers players unique tactical experiences and requires the implementation of teamwork-based strategies. New maps are constantly created by the Firewall: Zero Hour community, guaranteeing to always offer players a new and exciting experience.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a superbly designed tactical first-person shooter using PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality). The game features team-based multiplayer online matches, allowing players to compete against each other in tactical match-ups.

The game’s community has enhanced the gaming experience by creating various maps for Firewall: Zero Hour. These maps offer different locations and tactics where players can implement their strategies. Below, we’ll review the best maps created by the Firewall: Zero Hour community.

1. Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza offers players a large, open venue. This map is ideal for players who want to focus on long-distance marksmanship and tactical maneuvers. It features a symmetrical design for both teams, and players can neutralize their opponents by moving inside or outside buildings.

2. Isla de Fuego

Isla de Fuego is located on a large island and takes place in a tropical environment. This map offers players the opportunity to hide and perform quick maneuvers. There are different corridors and open areas for defense mechanisms. Additionally, players have target zones that must be strategically positioned relative to different parts of the island.


Containers is a map set in a port area and offers players narrow and complex corridors. This map is ideal for players who prefer to use melee weapons. There are various zones for recruitment and defensive positions, and players must be quick to evade enemies and gain strategic advantages as they move between containers.

4. Embassy

Embassy is a map set within an embassy building. In this map, players must make tactical maneuvers in corridors and rooms. As they progress down the lane, players run the risk of encountering enemy fire, so teamwork and strategic positioning are vital. You can also explore different rooms inside the embassy building and take different routes to surprise your opponents.

5th District

District is a map set in a city area and offers players both narrow corridors and larger open spaces. This map is ideal for players who prefer long-range marksmanship. You can move over tall buildings or move through the streets and choose strategic points to neutralize your opponents.


FOB (Forward Operating Base) is a map based on a military base. This map requires teamwork and quick decision-making skills. Players must fend off enemy fire as they make their way through the corridors inside the base. You also need to work with your teammates to capture and defend control points.

7. Blacksite

Blacksite takes place in a dark and dangerous laboratory environment. Players must be careful while performing action-packed tactical maneuvers through corridors and rooms. You can take advantage of the maze-like structure to get behind your opponents and surprise them. You may also need to reach target areas through different corridors within the maze.

8. Compound

Compound is a map set in and around a farmhouse. This map offers tactical advantages for hiding and neutralizing enemies. There are different areas in and around the farmhouse, and players can move through the farmhouse and into the backyard to surprise enemies.

No. Map Name Description 1 Large Plaza A wide and open space, suitable for long-distance sniping 2 Isla de Fuego Set in a tropical environment, providing the opportunity for quick maneuvers 3 Containers Narrow and complex corridors, suitable for melee weapons 4 Embassy Set inside the embassy building, tactical maneuvers 5 District Set in urban areas, suitable for long-range sniping 6 FOB Based on a military base, requires teamwork 7 Blacksite Dark laboratory environment, providing opportunities for surprise and concealment 8 Compound Set in and around the farmhouse, offering tactical advantages to neutralize enemies

The best community-created maps in Firewall: Zero Hour offer players the opportunity to test a variety of tactics and strategies. Each map offers different challenges and advantages, challenging players to improve their teamwork and quick decision-making skills. These maps allow players to improve their teamwork and strategic thinking skills while making the competitive gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a popular multiplayer-based first-person shooter game. This game is very popular among players who love team-based tactical experiences. Besides the game’s original maps, people also enjoy the community-created maps. In this article, we will review the best maps created by the Firewall: Zero Hour community.

Map Name 1: Death Lane

This map has a carefully designed structure that offers players the opportunity to play tactically. This map, which takes place in a narrow area full of corridors, allows surprise attacks or defenses. With well-placed lookouts and obstacles blocking the way, players must act cleverly.

2. Map Name: Locked Network

This map is about a data processing center. Players have to explore this hub to complete different missions such as hacking, defending or attacking. Filled with maze-like corridors and secret passages, this map encourages teamwork.

3. Map Name: Hidden Terminal

Secret Terminal takes place inside a subway station. This map provides a platform where clashes take place both indoors and outdoors. Players can use train cars and bunkers to gain the upper hand against enemies. At the same time, they must discover hidden paths to gain placement advantage over targets.

Map Name Description Death Corridor Narrow corridors that allow for tactical play and surprise attacks Locked Network Maze-like corridors and secret passages filled with a computing center Secret Terminal A subway station where combat takes place both indoors and outdoors

The maps mentioned above are simply some of the best maps created by the Firewall: Zero Hour community. These maps are designed to diversify the gaming experience and bring more fun to players. Since players have different playing styles and tactics, it can be said that these maps appeal to different tastes.

Players can also interact with the Firewall: Zero Hour game’s community and create their own maps. This allows players to use their creativity to expand the boundaries of the game. Community-created maps help keep the game alive for a long time and new content is constantly added.

Since Firewall: Zero Hour is a game that relies on the creativity and sharing of the community, these maps are of great importance. Players can contribute to the game through the community’s thoughts and suggestions and create more exciting maps.

As a result, the best maps created by the community of Firewall: Zero Hour are carefully designed to improve the gaming experience and offer new challenges to players. These maps support a variety of play styles and tactics. Firewall: Zero Hour will grow and develop further with the contributions of the community.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a first-person shooter video game that deals with the theme of cyber network security. This game offers players a team-based multiplayer experience and is built on strategy and cooperative tactical battles. The game’s creative community can create their own maps in addition to the developers’ maps, thus breathing new life into the game. In this article, we will review the best community maps in Firewall: Zero Hour.

1. Trap Timer

Trap Timer map is known as a map where tactical strategies speak. This map takes place in what appears to be a security company’s office building and offers many opportunities for both defense and attack. Players must manage defensive lines with their team and set traps to trap their enemies. The map provides players with ample opportunities to explore challenging enemy locations and establish themselves at strategic points.

2. Airport

The airport map is a detailed map that reflects the complex structure of a real airport. This map allows players to explore a large area and take out their enemies effectively. Players must strategically target terminal buildings, the flight control tower and other important points. The airport map has a design that allows for fast and intense combat that requires team coordination.

3. Skyscraper

The Skyscraper map offers an action-packed experience set inside a tall skyscraper. Players must gain strategic advantage by using stairs and elevators as they engage in combat on different floors of the skyscraper. The map offers players plenty of opportunities to spy on enemies from above, find secret paths, and perform quick maneuvers. The Skyscraper map has a creative design that encourages vertical gameplay and allows players to use their tactical advantages.

Map Name Description Trap Timer Map featuring strategic skirmishes in an office building full of traps. Airport The ideal map for tactical skirmishes in a large airport area. Skyscraper Challenging map full of combat set inside a tall skyscraper.

Firewall: Zero Hour community maps offer players new experiences outside of the game’s original maps. These maps are the work of the creative community and further enhance the tactical elements of the game. Trap Timer, Airport and Skyscraper maps are successful examples that offer gamers strategic advantages in different environments.

  • Trap Timer: Great for defense and trap-based gameplay.
  • Airport: It attracts attention with its large area and detailed structure.
  • Skyscraper: Adds a different dimension to vertical gameplay.

The best maps designed by the community for Firewall: Zero Hour offer gamers new strategic experiences. These maps let you test your teamwork, coordination and tactical skills. Maps like Trap Timer, Airport and Skyscraper are a great option to increase the excitement and competitiveness of the game. As you explore the game, we recommend you try these maps and develop new tactics together with other players.

Firewall: Zero Hour is a tactical first-person shooter game where players work as a team to carry out dangerous missions. The game has been developed specifically for popular gaming platforms and aims to provide players with a realistic combat experience. However, unique maps made by the game’s community further enrich the gaming experience.

While players take part in various missions in Firewall: Zero Hour, the design and layout of the map is of great importance. A good map is important for team strategy, tactical advantage and player interaction. Community-created maps allow the game to go beyond the creators’ original designs.

Features of Community Created Maps in Firewall: Zero Hour

In this article, we will discuss some of the best community-created maps in the game Firewall: Zero Hour. These maps make the experience of the game more exciting and allow players to try different tactics. Here are some examples:

Map Name Description City Battle This map takes place in a city environment and offers players the opportunity to fight in narrow streets. It is filled with various elements such as buildings, alleys and staircases. This map is very effective in testing teamwork and tactical thinking abilities. Jungle View This map takes place in a mission set in a secret jungle base. Players can use the environment to hide within the forest and gain an advantage over their enemies. Trees, bushes and other natural elements offer players the opportunity to improve their team strategies.

Each of these maps has the same objectives as the game’s original maps – neutralize enemies, fulfill objectives, and complete missions. However, these community-created maps have unique features that encourage trying different strategies.

Firewall: The Importance of Zero Hour Community Maps

Firewall: Zero Hour game reflects not only the vision of the producers, but also the creativity of the players. Community-created maps further deepen tactical experiences while contributing to the future development of the game.

Players have the opportunity to try many new strategies and tactics thanks to maps created by the community. These maps may contain hiding spots, narrow passages and tactical advantages waiting to be discovered. It has been observed that players further improve their in-game skills while exploring these maps.

Additionally, community-created maps have the potential to add long-term value to the game. Developers may officially add these maps to the game in future updates or expansions of the game based on feedback from the community.


The unique community-made maps that come with Firewall: Zero Hour are an important element that further enriches the gaming experience. These maps allow players to hone their skills, try new strategies, and test their teamwork skills. Combined with the creativity of the creators and players who contributed to the game, it enhances the future potential of Firewall: Zero Hour.

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