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Knights Contract In-Game Secrets and Tips

Knights Contract In-Game Secrets and Tips

Knights Contract is an action role-playing game released in September 2021. In the game, you play as the main character, the hero Heinrich, and fight creatures called Witches. Knights Contract takes place in a world full of challenging enemies, and you may need some secrets and tips to succeed. Here are some tips you can use in the Knights Contract game:

Magic Use and Healing

In the Knights Contract game, it is advantageous for Heinrich to be an immortal knight. You can use the immortality ability in the game and not damage yourself. Therefore, you can be brave and take risks when attacking enemies frequently. Additionally, the use of magic is also vital. You must level up a few levels to improve your magic abilities. This will provide you with more powerful and effective magic abilities. You can also replenish your health using healing spells. That’s why you should always keep a careful eye on your health bar and use these spells to heal at appropriate times.

Combo Attacks

In Knights Contract, it is important to use combo attacks to defeat enemies rather than attacking them one by one. You can perform comprehensive combo attacks by pressing different buttons for various attack combinations. These combos deal more damage to enemies and help you win battles faster. Additionally, combo attacks stun the enemy and make them vulnerable so you can deal more damage.

Boss Battles

Boss battles are one of the most challenging parts of the Knights Contract game. When fighting against a boss, it may be useful to consider some tips. First, watch the boss’s movements and attacks carefully. This will give you time to avoid their attacks and take precautions. Second, try to identify the enemy’s weak points and focus on those points. Attacks on these points deal more damage and allow you to defeat the boss faster. Most importantly, be patient and don’t panic. Boss battles can often be long-winded, so it’s important to stay calm and act strategically.

Skill Tree and Equipment

In Knights Contract, the skill tree and equipment are important to progress in the game. Using your skill tree, you can improve Heinrich’s abilities and learn new abilities. You can invest in items in the tree using the skill points provided to you at the end of each level. This increases Heinrich’s strength and increases your chances of defeating tougher enemies. Additionally, gear can also help you in battle. You can make Heinrich more resilient and powerful by using powerful weapons and armor. Therefore, remember that the resources you get from battles are worth investing in supplies.

Merchants and Side Quests

There are some merchants in the game and these merchants will sell you valuable items. These items can be things like new abilities, power-ups, and healing items. Therefore, visit merchants and buy valuable items as the game progresses. It will also be useful to follow the side quests. Side quests often offer additional experience points, valuable items and rewards. Therefore, it might be a good idea to do side quests before moving on from the main quests.

Knights Contract In-Game Secrets and Tips Tip Description Using Victorious Shield Victorious Shield can be used to block high damage attacks. To use it effectively, you must carefully observe the enemy’s movements. Discover Adventurers Adventurers can offer you new quests and rewards. Finding them and interacting with them will help you discover secrets within the game. Explore the Area There are many secret areas to explore in the game. Examine these areas carefully and interact to find valuables or secret passages. Attack and Defense Balancing Fast attacks increase the chance of stunning the enemy, while powerful attacks can deal serious damage. Therefore, it is important to follow a balanced strategy between attack and defense.

You can apply these secrets and tips to succeed in the Knights Contract game. You can gain an advantage by focusing on different aspects of the game, such as magic usage, combo attacks, boss battles, skill tree and gear, merchants, and side quests. By following these tips, you can easily defeat enemies and complete missions.

Knights Contract is an exciting action and adventure game. It is important to pay attention to strategic clues in order to complete the game successfully. In this article, we will touch on strategic tips that will allow you to succeed in the game and reveal the secrets of Knights Contract.

Basic Strategies of the Game

Since Knights Contract is a game that requires you to fight against tough enemies, adopting the right strategies is important for success. Below are the basic strategies of the game:

  • Movement Abilities: Having a solid movement ability in the game will help you escape enemy attacks and make your attacks regularly. Use the in-game points correctly to improve your character’s abilities and increase mobility.
  • Pay Attention to Timing: The difficulty level of the game will test your timing skills. It’s important to use the right timing to avoid enemy attacks or discover their weaknesses. Making your attacks before the enemy or defending before his powerful attacks will give you an advantage.
  • Combine Abilities: You can perform more powerful attacks by combining the different abilities you have in the game. You may need to do trial and error to find the right combinations to combine your abilities. Combo abilities can help you take out enemies quickly and give you a huge advantage later in the game.

Hidden Secrets and Rewards

Knights Contract offers players the opportunity to explore and earn hidden rewards. To access these hidden secrets and earn additional rewards, you can follow the tips below:

How to Access the Hidden Secret Reward Side Quests Get side quests by talking to NPCs in the game and complete them successfully. Extra points and powerful items Special Levels Complete the game on different difficulty levels and within a certain time limit. New character costumes and special abilities Hidden Objects Discover items hidden in different locations and enemies in the game. Items that give extra health and durability

Discovering these hidden secrets and earning rewards will make your Knights Contract experience more exciting and rewarding.

War Secrets

You can consider the following battle secrets to improve your combat skills:

  • Critical Attacks: Several consecutive attacks you deliver to the enemy in-game allow you to initiate a critical attack. These critical attacks allow you to take out the enemy quickly. Follow the in-game fighter guides to learn how to perform critical attacks against different enemies.
  • Spells and Potions: There are different spells and potions in the game. By using these magic items correctly, you can weaken enemies or heal yourself. Interact with wizard characters in-game to learn the effects of spells and potions.
  • Discover Weak Points: Each enemy has its own weak points. By discovering these weak points, you can defeat enemies more effectively. Follow in-game clues and carefully observe your enemies to discover weak points.

By applying these war secrets, you will gain superiority over your enemies and complete the game more easily.


Knights Contract is a game that requires strategic thinking and making the right moves. In this article, we have explained the basic strategies you need to consider in order to succeed in the game and revealed its hidden secrets. Improve your movement skills, use the right combinations, pay attention to timing and follow battle secrets. Thanks to these tips, you can achieve success in the world of Knights Contract. Now it’s your turn, embark on the adventure and become the best warrior in the game!

Knights Contract is an exciting action and adventure game. You may encounter challenging sections in the game and you can use some tactics and tricks to pass these sections successfully. In this article, we will offer you some tips to pass the challenging levels of Knights Contract and discover the secrets in the game. Here are some strategies to consider:

Understanding the Department and Being Prepared

You may encounter different enemies in each level, so it is important to understand the level and recognize the enemies. Since you may encounter stronger enemies later in the game, it may be a good idea to complete in-game side quests to level up your character and gain new abilities. Additionally, it will be advantageous to learn the different weapons and special attacks you can use in the level.

Tactical War Strategies

Knights Contract is a strategic game that is not just about attacking enemies. You can use several tactics to defeat enemies:

  • Defend First: It’s important to avoid enemies’ attacks and stay unharmed. You should defend carefully, especially when you encounter stronger enemies. Before attacking, observing your enemy’s moves and catching the right moment to attack will give you an advantage.
  • Combo Moves: You can make more powerful and effective attacks by using various combinations of your character. It will be easier to defeat enemies by applying these combos at the right time.
  • Matching Abilities: In some parts of the game, you can lock down enemies with your character’s special abilities. By using these abilities correctly, you can defeat tough enemies more easily.

Auxiliary Items and Power-Ups

Knights Contract offers you a variety of helpful items and power-ups. Using these items correctly will help you pass difficult sections. Here are some important items and buffs:

Item/Power-Up Name Description Health Potion Fills your character’s health completely. Maximum Health Booster Increases your character’s maximum health. Damage Booster Increases your character’s attack power. Pan Command Summons a special attack buddy that helps you.

Discovering the Secrets of Creatures

Knights Contract has many secrets within the game that will lead you to war. While playing the levels, you must carefully explore your surroundings and follow the clues. Secret passages, special items and more may be waiting for you. You can also obtain important information and unlock new missions by communicating with the game’s characters.

As a result, you need the right strategy to succeed in challenging games like Knights Contract. In this article, we have mentioned some tactics and tricks that you can use to pass the challenging parts of the game and discover the secrets. By using these tips, you can make your adventure more enjoyable and progress faster.

Knights Contract is a unique action role-playing game. Obtaining powerful weapons and abilities is of great importance in this game, where you can develop your own character by fighting monsters. In this article, we will explain step by step how to develop powerful weapons and abilities in the Knights Contract game.

Weapon Selection and Development

There are many different weapon options in Knights Contract. Choosing the most suitable weapon among these weapons is the first step in strengthening your character. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a weapon:

  • Attack Power: The attack power of the weapon determines your effects on enemies. Weapons with higher attack power allow you to destroy enemies faster and more effectively.
  • Abilities: Some weapons may have special abilities. For example, immobilizing enemies or performing magical attacks. These abilities can improve your battle strategies and give you an advantage.
  • Awakening Mode: Weapons’ Awakening mode can be unlocked at a certain point in the game. This mod significantly increases the power and capabilities of the weapon. Choosing a useful weapon for Awakening mode will give you the upper hand in battle.

Once you have chosen your weapon, there are various methods to improve it. These:

  • Earning Experience Points (EXP): You earn experience points when you defeat enemies and complete missions. You can increase the level of your weapon by spending the experience points you earn on your weapon. Increasing weapon level allows you to have more attack power and abilities.
  • Using Strengthening Materials: The strengthening materials available in the game help you make your weapon stronger. For example, you can use various materials to add elemental strength to your weapon or increase its durability. You can obtain these materials from enemies or from stores.

Talent Development

Improving your abilities in Knights Contract makes your character more effective in battle. You can follow the following steps in the talent development process:

  1. Exploring the Skill Tree: The skill tree in the game shows different skills as well as the development stages of skills. By exploring the skill tree, you can fully reveal your character’s potential.
  2. Earning the Required Skill Points: You need to earn the necessary skill points to improve your skills. There are various methods to earn these points, such as defeating enemies, completing missions or doing side quests.
  3. Upgrading Skills: You can upgrade skills by spending the skill points you earn. Each ability becomes stronger and unlocks new skills when it reaches a certain level. For example, if you start a skill as “Magical Wind”, you can later unlock the skill “Magical Whirlwind”.

Other Tips

Besides powerful weapons and abilities in Knights Contract, some other tips are listed below:

  • Strategic Warfare: It is important to take a strategic approach when fighting enemies. Making effective combinations, discovering enemies’ weak points and responding to attacks at the right time will give you an advantage.
  • Using Different Abilities: Using all the abilities you have will make you more effective against enemies. Different abilities may be better suited to different situations. Therefore, it is important to learn the skills very well.
  • Visiting Shops: Shops in the game allow you to purchase power-up materials and more powerful weapons. Spending the money you earn in the right place will help you develop your character faster.

In general, obtaining powerful weapons and abilities in the Knights Contract game will make your character more powerful and effective. It’s important to choose your weapon carefully, upgrade your weapon with EXPs, and use skill points to improve your abilities. Additionally, strategic warfare and using stores will also give you a great advantage. Now you can use these secrets and tips to prepare yourself to jump into missions and defeat enemies!

Secret passages and paths are one of the most fascinating and mysterious elements in adventure games. It is also possible to experience this excitement in the Knights’ Contract game. In this game, you are presented with an invaluable opportunity to earn rewards and progress by discovering secret paths and passages. In this article, we will detail some strategies and secrets for discovering secret paths and passages in the Knights Covenant game.

Getting Started with Finding Secret Paths and Passages

When you start the game, you should carefully observe your surroundings. Doing research gives you a huge advantage in discovering secret paths and passages. The following tips may help you get started:

  • Investigate the Environment: Take the time to check every corner and every angle. Watch out for hidden buttons that may be behind walls, tables, bookcases or other objects.
  • Use Your Time Wisely: Some secret paths are opened at a certain time or by the occurrence of a special event. Completing quests or defeating a specific enemy can help open secret passages.
  • Consider Hints: NPCs and other characters can give you valuable clues about secret passages. Listen carefully and follow the clues.

Rewards of Secret Passages and Paths

Secret passages and paths often offer valuable rewards when discovered. These rewards or benefits can take different forms, such as gems, weapons, armor or in-game currency. Earning these rewards helps you strengthen your character and reach more advanced levels of the game. Rewards can also reveal hidden stories and character backgrounds within the game.

However, some secret paths and passages may present special challenges. You may encounter tough enemies or traps. Therefore, it is important that your equipment and skills are advanced.

Tactics for Moving Forward

Tactical Description Balance of Attack and Defense: Hidden paths and passages are often filled with formidable enemies. Using your offensive and defensive abilities balancedly increases your chances of success. Background Planning: Some secret passages are hidden in the background. Therefore, instead of focusing only on defeating enemies, try to explore all the details of the environment. Hints and Mood: Heeding the hints provided by NPCs and checking your character’s mood is important to unlock secret passages and progress. Research and Return: To discover hidden paths, you should investigate frequently and, if possible, take note of the paths you discover. So you can return later and collect the rewards.

Enjoy the Secrets

Discovering secret paths and passages is one of the most exciting experiences of the Knights Covenant game. These help you explore the game’s world more deeply and develop your character. However, it requires patience, attention and strategy to uncover the secrets.

The tips and tricks presented in this article can be a starting point for you to discover secret passages and paths in the Knights Covenant game. However, remember that it is up to you to experience the real adventure and discover the secrets. Now, dive into the game, find your own way in this mysterious world and start collecting rewards!

Knights Contract is an exciting action game and engages players with unique boss battles. Some secrets and tips are needed to be successful in these battles. This article will break down tips for Knights Contract’s boss battles and show players how to succeed in these challenging challenges.

Preparation for Boss Battles

Before entering boss battles, it is important to improve your character and skills. Having skills that can counter the boss’s power can increase your chances of winning the battle. You can prepare for boss battles with the following tips:

  • Strengthen Character Skills: You will have the opportunity to upgrade your character’s skills in the game. Use these options to enhance your character’s strengths before engaging in boss battles. For example, you can improve skills to increase attack power or move faster.
  • Consider Your Needs: Check for healing items, ammo, or support items you can use in boss battles. Spend some time in the game to buy or craft the necessary ones. This will increase your chances of surviving boss battles.
  • Make a Strategic Plan: Each boss battle can have different challenges. That’s why it’s important to develop a specific strategy for each battle. Identify the boss’s strengths and create a strategy directed against it. For example, use environmental items to discover its weak point or use your abilities in a certain order.

Using Advanced Moves in Boss Battles

In boss battles, it is important to use your character’s advanced moves correctly. These abilities can help you reduce or weaken the boss’s energy. Here are some tips on using advanced gestures:

  • Combo Attacks: Knights Contract offers a variety of combo attacks. Learning the ones that are most effective against the boss will increase your chances of defeating it faster and more effectively. Long and devastating combo attacks can help bypass the boss’ defense mechanisms.
  • Spells: Use your character’s magic abilities. In boss battles, spells can target the boss’s weak points or help you fight him effectively. Remember that different spells can have different effects and choose the most appropriate spell.
  • Collaboration Moves: In the game, there may be an ally character in addition to your character. In this case, you can join forces using cooperative moves. Especially in boss battles, cooperative moves can be very effective in knocking down the boss’ defenses or weakening him.

Strategy in Boss Battles

It is not enough to just use advanced moves in boss fights. A good strategy is also necessary. Anticipating the boss’s attack patterns and seizing the right moment to defend increases your chances of winning the battle. Here are some situations where using strategy is important:

  • Examine the Boss’s Attack Patterns: Carefully observe the boss’s attack patterns in boss battles. Predicting what moves the boss will use allows you to move strategically against him. Learn which moves to avoid or how to defend.
  • Catching the Right Moment: It is important to observe the moments when the boss is vulnerable or attacking. If a boss’s defense drops or becomes vulnerable for a short time, it means you can deal massive damage. Take advantage of these opportunities by using your advanced moves at the right time.
  • Be Patient: Boss battles can often be time consuming and require patience. Take your time and stay calm. Keep watching the boss’s attacks carefully and adapt your strategy accordingly. By fighting patiently, your chances of completely destroying the boss’s power will increase.


Knights Contract offers an exciting gaming experience full of boss battles. To succeed in these battles, improve your character skills, use your advanced moves correctly and plan your strategy well. With these tips, you can be prepared for boss battles and increase your chances of victory. Remember, patience and practice are important. Have fun!

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