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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: In-Game Quests and Story Progression

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: In-Game Quests and Story Progression

The original Mirror’s Edge game, released in 2008, was a huge success with new gameplay mechanics and interesting storytelling. Based on this success, developer company DICE decided to develop a sequel called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a larger open world than the original game and offers a rich in-game quest and story progression.

The main story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst follows a Runner named Faith Connors. Runners are couriers who facilitate the illegal flow of communications and information. Faith’s goal is to overcome obstacles to continue her mission and fight against the forces that make society unjust. By controlling Faith, the player completes missions spread across the city and advances the story.

In-Game Quests

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers players a variety of missions. These missions help progress the story and allow the player to improve their skills. There are different types of missions in the game, some of them are:

  • Hacking Cars: Faith can stop or divert vehicles by hacking security cameras in the city. These missions allow the player to control traffic in the city.
  • Platform Jumping: Faith is known for her ability to jump between tall buildings. Players must jump to different platforms in the city and break national track records.
  • Battle Against the Forces: Faith fights against mobile forces with her own abilities and combat skills. In these missions, the player must defeat enemies using their fighting skills.

Each mission helps the player improve their skills and allows them to reach more advanced levels in the game world. At the same time, completing quests helps advance the story and unlocks new story events. There are hundreds of missions in total in the game, and players can explore the game world by experiencing the excitement of different missions.

Story Progression

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game played from a first-person perspective. The player sees the world through Faith’s eyes and takes part in the story. Faith’s fight to change the future and her difficulties in the illegal world provide players with an exciting story progression.

The story progresses in the game by moving through the open world and completing missions. Players complete missions in different regions and follow the developments in the story. They can further deepen the story by interacting with other characters in the game and completing side quests.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gives players options and lets them drive the story themselves. Players can make decisions that affect the progression of the story and shape Faith’s fate. These options offer players a more authentic gaming experience and ensure replayability.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a game that stands out with its extraordinary game mechanics and interesting story progression. In addition to different mission types, it offers players many options with its open world exploration and main character full of unique abilities. The progression of the story gives players an exciting experience and allows them to see the consequences of their choices. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst brought a new breath to the Mirror’s Edge series and managed to become a successful sequel.

Hello dear readers, in today’s article we will talk in detail about the in-game missions and story progression of the popular action-adventure game Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. This game, which players are eagerly awaiting, contains many surprises and turning points. We invite you to continue our article to discover how the missions and the story progress.

Difficulty Level of In-Game Missions

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first-person shooter game in which we control Faith Connors, a character with almost limitless abilities on the track. We experience adrenaline-filled moments while running on the roofs of tall buildings in the game. Missions allow the player to improve their skills and increase in difficulty over time. The variety and unusual design of the missions trigger constant excitement in the game.

Missions range from parkour runs to fight scenes. In some missions we must run fast, in others we must overcome obstacles. Guns and other weapons in the game help us deal with enemies. But the main aim of the game is to escape from the enemies and reach the most dangerous points of the city. The complexity of the tasks and their requirement for skill are factors that increase the replayability of the game.

Story Progression and Surprises

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has a rich and deep story. Players are drawn into a captivating story as they delve into the complex world of Faith Connors. The progression of the story can change depending on the player’s decisions, adding replayability to the game.

Story progression and surprises increase the sense of engagement and curiosity in the game. Completing missions and doing side quests unlocks the story. The development of characters and the revelation of secrets pushes the player deeper. Surprises and turning points that occur throughout the game increase the player’s excitement and arouse curiosity.

Table of Quests and Progress

Mission Target Difficulty Running Mission Reaching a certain point quickly Easy Fighting the Enemy Fighting against the enemies Medium Overcoming Obstacles Overcoming various obstacles and avoiding traps Difficult

A table of in-game quests allows players to track their progress. The difficulty level of the missions indicates what skills the player needs to improve and how far they have progressed. Completing missions and recording progress gives the player a reward and creates motivation to progress in the game.

In this article, we have detailed the in-game missions and story progression of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The increasing difficulty level of the game, the emergence of surprises and the progression of the story draw the players into the game and arouse constant curiosity. This game offers an experience not to be missed for action lovers.

  • Surprises and milestones as you progress
  • Difficulty level and variety of missions
  • Development of the story and depth of characters
  • Table of in-game quests and progression system

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and understood Mirror’s Edge Catalyst better. If you want to embark on this exciting adventure, we definitely recommend you to try the game. Have fun!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game in which we run around the challenging streets of the anti-utopian city of Glass. This game stands out for its in-game missions and exciting story progression. Thanks to its original world and impressive acting, it offers players an unforgettable experience.

Unique World Design: City of Glass

The City of Glass is where Mirror’s Edge Catalyst takes place and is one of the game’s most notable features. The city has a great anti-utopian atmosphere and is decorated with skyscrapers, bridges and high-tech buildings. Additionally, the use of striking colors and minimalist graphics give the game a unique appearance.

We must use our parkour skills to navigate the city. Our abilities such as jumping from the roofs of buildings, climbing walls and jumping obstacles provide an active and fast gaming experience. With this originality, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a must for gamers who love platform games.

In-Game Missions: Adrenaline-Filled Adventures

In-game missions form the centerpiece of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s gameplay. It’s filled with main story missions, side missions, and free roam options. As our main character, Faith Connors, we embark on exciting adventures while fighting against enemies and collecting secret data in the city.

Missions often consist of challenging platforming sections where we test our parkour skills. Jumping over walls, performing impressive jumping moves and dodging fast enemies add tension and excitement to the game. At the same time, flexible gameplay options are offered throughout the missions and we can take a different approach to each mission.

Successful completion of missions allows us to progress in the game. We strengthen our character by unlocking new skills and equipment. This increases the replayability of the game and allows players to dive even deeper.

Story Progression: The Rise of Faith Connors

The story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst tells the success story of a young runner named Faith Connors. Faith discovers that there is a corrupt order in the City of Glass and decides to fight to overthrow it. In the game, we experience Faith’s journey as we discover various clues about her past and purpose.

The story is supported by impressive animation and cinematics. As we watch the emotional development of the characters and the relationships between them, we become more connected to the game world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. In this way, commitment to the goal of the game and our character increases.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers a fascinating experience with its in-game missions and story progression. The original world and parkour-style gameplay of the City of Glass offers players an adrenaline-filled adventure. The story of the main character, Faith Connors, allows us to establish an emotional bond. If you are someone who loves action-adventure games, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is definitely a game you should try!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a video game released by Electronic Arts in 2016. In this action-adventure game, whose main character is Faith Connors, players must parkour above the city, overcome obstacles, complete missions and advance the story. The main character’s story is told in a very impressive and gripping way.

Faith Connors: A Modern Hero

Faith Connors is the main character of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The game follows Faith’s personal struggle with KrugerSec, a large corporation that creates unrest in the city. After losing her family at a young age, Faith grew up on the streets and eventually joined an illegal courier group called the Brave Birds. This group consists of couriers with wall-crossing parkour skills and exploring the KrugerSec-controlled city.

Faith’s life is changed by Noah, the leader of the group. Noah becomes Faith’s father, who trains her physically and teaches her parkour moves. However, Faith must fight him at the cost of her life to follow the path she knows is right.

In-Game Quests

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst allows players to progress the story by giving them various missions. Throughout the game, Faith completes various missions to obtain the necessary information, neutralize her enemies, and unravel the secrets behind the security in the city. These missions usually take place in buildings located on top of the city and require players to use their parkour skills.

Faith’s parkour skills are of great importance in the game. Players can scale walls, long jump, climb, and perform acrobatic attacks to defeat their enemies. Using these skills skillfully is vital to overcoming sometimes challenging obstacles.

Story Progression

The game’s story centers around Faith’s fight against KrugerSec. KrugerSec has become a major force for the city’s security and keeps people under constant surveillance. Faith sets out to uncover KrugerSec’s dangerous plans and regain freedom.

Faith’s story includes quests and side stories that allow players to interact with a variety of characters. These characters reveal the depth and richness of the game world, while also illuminating Faith’s ties to her past.

Throughout Faith’s adventure, players are immersed in the atmosphere of the game as they navigate the city, progress through quests, and discover side stories. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s unique graphics and soundtrack fully immerse players into the dangerous and futuristic world of the city.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst tells the adventure of the main character Faith as a modern hero, with its impressive story and exciting in-game missions. Players must use their parkour skills to overcome challenging obstacles, complete missions, and fight to regain the freedom of the city. The game’s story invites players to an immersive experience with its combination of action and mystery.

Hello Mirrors Edge Catalyst fans! In this article, we will present a detailed analysis about the play’s supporting characters and their relationships. Mirrors Edge Catalyst attracts attention not only with its immersive gameplay but also with its impressive storytelling. Many interesting characters and the relationships between them, revolving around the main character of the game, Faith, offer players a deeper world.

1. Noah

Noah is a character adopted by Faith and is loyal to her beliefs. When we first meet him, he is wrapping up an abandoned “stream” mission and lends a helping hand to Faith. Noah plays an important role in the story of Mirrors Edge Catalyst, as he acts as a guide for Faith early in the game and goes on many adventures with her. Noah’s gang is an underground community that provides information that can help Faith in the game and acts as a haven for free runners.

2. Icarus

Icarus is one of Faith’s closest friends in Mirrors Edge Catalyst. He also works as a freerunner and often participates in missions alongside Faith. Icarus is a character who supports Faith, even though there is some rivalry between them. The duo works in solidarity as they carry out dangerous missions together. Icarus is one of the rare people who shares Faith’s secrets and becomes a close friend for her.


Plastic is the most colorful and mysterious character in Mirrors Edge Catalyst. He is known as a hacker and provides various information and tasks for Faith. Plastic is a tech expert who meets Faith’s hacker needs. Their relationship is complicated because Plastic is hiding things about Faith’s past. However, they still have to trust him and work together.


Dogen is an influential and powerful character in the dangerous world of Mirrors Edge Catalyst. Although there are rumors that he is a crime lord, Faith undertakes some missions to help him. Dogen gives Faith challenging but rewarding missions and she emerges as a good ally. The relationship between the two is based on mutual interests and plays an important role in the development of the story of the game.

5.Rebecca Thane

Rebecca Thane is a powerful political leader in the world of Mirrors Edge Catalyst. Many events occur around and under the direction of Rebecca Thane as Faith fights against many politicians with whom she is displeased. Rebecca Thane helps Faith make strategic plans to uncover her enemies. The relationship between the two strengthens over time and she becomes a source of support for Faith.


Mirrors Edge Catalyst offers players a rich game world with its various supporting characters and their relationships. These characters, including Noah, Icarus, Plastic, Dogen, and Rebecca Thane, play an important role in the development of Faith’s story. These characters all help Faith achieve her goals while also enabling her to face her challenges. Their interactions with each other make Mirrors Edge Catalyst’s in-game missions and story even more compelling.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game that is the sequel to the popular video game Mirror’s Edge. The main objective of the game is for the player to control a parkour master character named Faith Connors to complete missions in the urban metropolis city of Glass. In this article, the in-game mission structure and story progression of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be examined in detail.

Quests and Story: Main Items

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a game played from a first-person perspective and offers players the opportunity to move freely in an open world environment. The game offers three different types of missions: main story missions, side missions, and exploration missions. These missions are critical to the player’s story progression and improving the character’s abilities.

Main Story Quests: These quests take place to advance the core story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Main story missions are important missions that the player must complete in a certain order. The player explores the city of Glass with Faith, trying to defeat the enemies and uncover a secret conspiracy network in the city.

Side Quests: Side quests allow the player to gain extra experiences outside of the main story. These missions may include different activities, such as improving the player’s movement abilities, participating in races, or getting involved in the stories of other characters. Side quests play an important role for the player to earn points, improve their skills and upgrade their items.

Exploration Missions: The city of Glass offers players a vast open world experience. Exploration missions involve activities related to information and notes the player collects by exploring the city. These missions are a great opportunity for players who want to explore the depth of the game world and piece together the story pieces in the city.

Task Structure: Planning and Mobility

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst builds its in-game mission structure on planning and mobility. Using Faith, the player joins the resistance group called Artichoke and explores cityscapes using parkour abilities while fighting enemies.

Each mission provides the player with the information needed to complete a specific objective. This target can be a variety of activities, such as delivering a message, performing a data hack, or protecting a specific location. In order to complete the missions, it is important to use parkour skills skillfully and evaluate the environment well.

Tasks generally tend to proceed in a specific order. Some quests may unlock skill points needed to improve Faith’s movement abilities. Additionally, completing a certain mission can also unlock additional items for the player that unlock other missions for later.

Quest Sequence: Main Story Progression

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s mission order is based on the main story progression. Players participate in different missions as they follow the events involving Faith. Beginner missions will generally help Faith become familiar with her parkour abilities, while advanced missions may involve more complex puzzles and enemies.

At the same time, side quests also have a certain order. Side quests are often intertwined with main story quests and provide significant opportunities to expand characters’ stories.

Quest Name Description Prologue The quest to start the game. He helps Faith get to know her abilities and the city. Running with Hope Faith joins the resistance group called Artichoke and performs their first mission. A Daring Escape Faith makes a dangerous escape to save a friend who has been imprisoned. Savory Surprise Faith meets Noah, the leader of the Artichoke group, and challenges the enemies in the city. The View Faith cooperates with teammates in the city, fighting enemies and seizing sources of information. Flight Faith escapes enemies by traversing the city with a complex parkour. The Shard Faith uses her parkour skills to infiltrate The Shard, the tallest building in the city. Concentration Faith performs some surgery with Noah, the leader of the artichoke group, and tries to defeat the enemies.

The table above shows a sample quest sequence for the main quests of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Players can continue the progression of the story by following this sequence.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game that features impressive in-game mission structure and story progression. In addition to the main story missions, side missions and exploration missions offer the player a variety of experiences. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers players a unique experience as it is a game that requires expert use of parkour skills.

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