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Pathologic 2: Historical and Cultural Background of the Game

Pathologic 2: Historical and Cultural Background of the Game

Pathologic 2 is a psychological horror game created by Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge. It is the sequel to the game first published as Pathologic in 2005. Pathologic 2 offers improved graphics, gameplay mechanics and storytelling while maintaining the same atmosphere as the original game. The play is about a series of events that take place during a plague epidemic.

Historical Background

Pathologic 2 was influenced by difficult periods in Russia’s modern history. The play shows the period of turmoil and instability that prevailed in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Many factors such as the Russian Civil War, plague epidemics, hunger, poverty and political events affected the social structure of the country.

The game takes place in a fictional place called “The Town”. This town was caught in a plague epidemic and quickly affected its people. While the people in the town try to cope with disease, poverty and chaos, the player also has to fight against this difficulty.

Cultural Background

Pathologic 2 delves deeply into Russian culture. Russia’s literary, artistic and historical heritage is clearly seen in the play. In particular, the atmosphere of the game is influenced by the classics of Russian literature and the horror genre.

Authors such as Dostoyevsky, Gogol and Bulgakov had a significant influence on the game’s developers. It is possible to find traces of the works of these writers in the storytelling and characters of the game. Additionally, the game’s atmosphere is often influenced by Russian gothic and gothic horror art.

The play, in which people in the town must make various moral choices to survive, also deals with moral challenges and choices in Russian culture. The decisions the player makes affect the story and the fate of the characters and provide players with the opportunity to confront ethical and moral issues.

Presentation of the Game

Pathologic 2 is generally an open world game where the player completes daily missions to survive. The time of the game is limited; Therefore, the player must use time well to manage and dominate resources. Paying attention to basic needs such as hunger, thirst and sleep is important to be successful in the game.

The play also shows the impact people have on the social structure and how they try to cope with the disease. Through the characters, the player explores issues such as social justice, selfishness, despair, and resilience.


Pathologic 2 offers players an interesting experience with its historical and cultural background. The play delves into Russia’s complex history, literary heritage, and social structures. It also features compelling storytelling that offers players the opportunity to confront moral and ethical issues. Pathologic 2 offers a unique experience for those interested in both the atmosphere and content of the game.

Pathologic 2 is a video game that deeply affects players with its challenging story and chilling atmosphere. However, it is important to say that this game is not your ordinary horror game. The game has a universe nourished by deep historical and cultural roots. Here are the important periods and events that will help understand the historical and cultural background of Pathologic 2:

The Rise of the Art Movement and Its Effects

Pathologic 2 takes place during the rise of contemporary art movements that deeply affected the art world in the mid-20th century. During this period, the limits of art were pushed with movements such as avant-gardism, dadaism and surrealism. It is possible to see the effects of these trends in the game.

In some scenes in the play, traces of the Dadaism movement, which gravitates towards the absurd and denial, can be seen. This movement, therefore, created an atmosphere in which all logic was rejected and surrealism and irracionalism came to the fore.

The Underworld of Evil

Pathologic 2 reflects an important period of Russian literature. The works of writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky inspired the play’s depth and atmosphere. Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” appears as a theme dominated by the underworld in the play.

In the game, as a doctor character with limited mobility, you have to make moral decisions between guilty and innocent people. These decisions are based on the inner conflicts of man and the feeling of guilt wandering in the dark in Dostoyevsky’s works.

Fighting Epidemics

Pathologic 2 is a game that deals with fears about the spread of diseases and society’s reactions. Your character in the game comes to a city to fight an epidemic and investigates the origins of this epidemic. This epidemic theme is based on real historical events.

Some of the epidemics shown in the game are inspired by epidemics encountered in real life. For example, the black death epidemic caused great deaths in medieval Europe. Pathologic 2 deals with this historical fact while also reflecting the vulnerability of modern societies to epidemics.

Man’s Struggle Against Nature

In Pathologic 2, humans’ relationship with nature is discussed. Your character in the game must resist the cruelty of nature and the uncontrolled power of the natural world. This theme symbolizes humanity’s overwhelming struggle against nature.

As a reflection of modern era problems such as human consumption of natural resources, environmental pollution and climate change, Pathologic 2 dramatically reflects the struggle with nature. Issues such as sustainability and respect for nature have an important place in the game.


Pathologic 2 offers players a historical and cultural journey with its unique elements of horror and tension. The influence of art movements, the underground world inspired by Dostoyevsky’s works, the fear of epidemics and man’s struggle against nature are among the prominent themes in the play. This depth offers players an extraordinary gaming experience and makes Pathologic 2 a true work of art.

Pathologic 2 is a critically acclaimed, mysterious and dark survival game. The historical and cultural background of the play explains what impact the characters have on cultural heritage. In this article, we will examine in detail the impact of Pathologic 2’s characters on cultural heritage.

Historical and Cultural Background of the Game

Pathologic 2 is a game set in a post-Soviet town that offers a horror-based survival adventure. The game takes place in a town struggling with a difficult disease epidemic. The player takes on the role of a doctor and fights to stop this epidemic. The atmosphere of the game is inspired by the dark and mystical nature of Russian literature.

The cultural background of the game reflects the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. The play features the theme of devastation and despair common in the post-Soviet period. It is also influenced by traditional Russian folklore and mythology. These themes and influences shape the influence of the play’s characters on cultural heritage.

The Effect of Characters on Cultural Heritage

Pathologic 2’s characters have deep and complex personalities that reflect various aspects of Russian cultural heritage. The influence of these characters on the legacy strengthens the atmosphere of the game and provides the player with a unique experience.

Character Impact on Cultural Heritage Artemy Burakh Artemy, the main character of the game, reflects Russia’s heritage in medicine and science. As a doctor, he strives to save the town from the epidemic and helps the local people. In this way, it emphasizes the importance of cultural heritage and represents an effort to preserve traditional medical knowledge. Clara Clara represents the Russian musical heritage through her character’s passion for music and art. She appears in the play as an opera diva and becomes a source of hope and inspiration to the local people. Clara’s musical performances in the play and the complex emotional structure of her character reflect the richness of Russian music. Peter Stamatin Peter is one of the characters of the play and the local artist of the town. His character represents Russia’s artistic and literary heritage. Peter creates strange and mystical works of art and expresses the chaos of his inner world through them. In this way, it reinforces the game’s emphasis on artistic heritage.

These are just representative examples of a few characters of the game and their impact on cultural heritage. Pathologic 2 delivers an intricate story, atmosphere and characters, giving players an unforgettable experience. It adds unique depth to the game, expertly reflecting the texture of Russian cultural heritage.

As a result of our review, we can say that the impact of Pathologic 2’s characters on cultural heritage not only offers players a rich gaming experience, but also serves as a nod to the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. This effect allows players to immerse themselves in the game world in a more profound and meaningful way.

Pathologic 2 is a video game developed by Ice-Pick Lodge that has a deep relationship with Russian literature and culture. In this article, we will examine the historical and cultural background of Pathologic 2 in detail.

Historical Context

Pathologic 2 references many events and periods in Russia’s past. The basic story of the game is told through the eyes of a doctor named Artemy Burakh, who is in a remote town plagued by an epidemic. Pathologic 2 focuses on the period of the Soviet Union and especially the harsh living conditions prevalent in Russian society in the early 20th century.

The play also deals with the effects of Russia’s civil war period. This civil war, which took place between 1918 and 1922, is an element that affects the atmosphere of the game. Pathologic 2 offers players the opportunity to experience the challenges they face in a post-war society struggling to truly survive.

Cultural Context

Pathologic 2 also makes references to impressive works and literary movements of Russian literature. The play is inspired by the works of Russian writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Nikolai Gogol and Anton Chekhov. These writers add to the depth and dark atmosphere of the game.

Russian culture is distinctly felt in Pathologic 2. In addition to the deep nature of Russia, the play also includes details of rural life. Folkloric elements, myths and traditions play an important role in the story and characters of the game. Additionally, characters from many different parts of Russia represent different aspects of society and cultural riches.

Contributions of the Play to Russian Literature

Pathologic 2 contributes to Russian literature and culture in many ways. The game takes the basic elements of Russian literature and uses these elements in a unique way in the game. In the play, he explores themes that question reality and focus on the inner world of man.

Additionally, the complex relationships and in-depth character development between Pathologic 2’s characters reflect the use of some of the core elements of Russian literature. The game’s story and characters explore the complexity and internal conflicts of human nature.


Pathologic 2 is a video game that is historically and culturally closely related to Russian literature and culture. The game provides players with a challenging life experience by referencing Russia’s past. Reflecting the impressive works and characteristic features of Russian literature, Pathologic 2 offers players a unique experience.

Pathologic 2 is a successful horror and survival game that many players are eagerly awaiting and playing with interest. But the game not only immerses the player in a world full of tension, it is also full of historical and cultural references. In this article, we will examine the historical and cultural background of Pathologic 2 in detail.

1. Historical References

Pathologic 2 takes place in a strange and unusual town in Russia. The game is set in a post-pocalyptic setting, around the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917. This period is a major turning point in Russia’s history, and the game’s atmosphere and story reference this period. The town featured in the game is depicted in an environment filled with poverty, disease and chaos.

In addition, the names and characteristics of the game’s characters also have historical references. For example, the character known as “Haruspex” is a reference to the shamanic and prophetic tradition that existed in Russia at the time. Likewise, the names and personality traits of other characters also make references to Russian culture and history.

2. Cultural References

Pathologic 2 not only features historical references but also places a heavy emphasis on Russian culture and mythology. The game’s visual design reflects influences of Russian architecture and art. The structures, paintings and other objects in the game contain symbols and motifs from Russian culture.

Additionally, the story and characters of the game make references to Russian mythology and fairy tales. Some characters are inspired by gods and fairies from Slavic mythology. The mysterious and dark atmosphere of the game is supported by elements taken from Russian folklore.

3. Social Themes and Criticisms

Pathologic 2 goes beyond game mechanics and deals with deep social themes. The play deals with topics such as poverty, disease, greed and the quest for power. While players try to survive under these harsh conditions, they are also forced to confront social injustice and the dark sides of humanity.

However, the game also includes various criticisms. Issues such as humanity’s destruction of nature, the weaknesses of the modern medical system and class distinctions are the underlying criticism points of the play. Pathologic 2 offers players the opportunity to think about these issues.

4. Conclusion

Pathologic 2 offers a gaming experience enriched with historical and cultural references. Focusing on both Russia’s history and culture and universal social issues, the game offers players the opportunity to think and explore. Pathologic 2 is an important work that offers a new experience in the horror and survival genre, with its extraordinary atmosphere and deep story.


Pathologic 2 is a truly extraordinary and impressive video game developed by Russian independent game developer Ice-Pick Lodge. The game was released in 2019 and managed to attract great attention from gamers. So what is the main plot of Pathologic 2’s scenario? In this article I will answer this question in detail.

Subject of the Game

Pathologic 2 tells the story of Artemy Burakh, leader of the Haruspex, a nomadic community. Artemy returns to İskitköy, the city where he was born and raised, after receiving the news of his father’s death. However, a strange disease is spreading rapidly in İskitköy. The disease drives people crazy and drives them to death. The player’s mission is to save the city and stop the disease.

Pathologic 2 is a scenario-driven survival horror game. Players control the character Artemy, who is struggling in despair and hopelessness. Time in the game is quite limited and you have to complete certain tasks. To keep your character alive, you must find food, drink water and maintain health. You must also interact with other characters and try to uncover the origins of the disease by collecting clues.

The historical and cultural background of the play dates back to a troubled period in Russia. The disease described in the play can be compared to the Spanish Flu, which spread in Russia in 1918 in real life. This epidemic caused the death of millions of people and deeply affected the country. The atmosphere of the play also reflects the dark and hopeless mood of this period.

Features That Make Pathologic 2 Unique

Pathologic 2 stands out with several features that offer an extraordinary and complex gaming experience.

  • Extraordinary atmosphere: The game’s graphics, music and sound effects create an atmosphere that fully immerses the player. While wandering around the city, you encounter ruined buildings, sick people and despairing landscapes accompanied by mysterious music, which brings the atmosphere of the game to its peak.
  • Decisions and consequences: Pathologic 2 stands out as a game where the decisions taken affect the course of events. Each choice changes your character’s future and the outcome of events. Players must consider the moral dimensions of the choices made and accept the consequences.
  • Characters with depth: Pathologic 2 introduces a variety of characters in depth. Each character has their own story, desires and motivations. Players can interact with other characters to discover their stories and gain a better understanding of events.


Pathologic 2 is an extraordinary game with its historical and cultural background. In the game, which has a different disease focus, similar to the Spanish Flu epidemic, you aim to save the city by controlling the character Artemy. It offers players an unforgettable experience with its atmosphere, consequences of your decisions and deep characters. Pathologic 2 is definitely an option worth trying for those who love survival horror games.

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