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The Best Equipment You Can Use in Agents of Mayhem

The Best Equipment You Can Use in Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is an action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. In the game, you manage agents working for MAYHEM (Mayhem), an agency. These agents are a variety of characters that stand out with their abilities and equipment.

Why is Equipment Important?

Agents of Mayhem takes place in a world full of various missions, enemies and challenges. It is important to use the right combination of equipment to be successful. Equipment can increase agents’ health, attack power, speed, armor and other attributes. Therefore, choosing the best equipment will greatly affect your performance in the game.

Best Equipment

There are many different equipment you can use in Agents of Mayhem. Here are some of the best equipment that will help you succeed in the game:

Equipment Description Optimal Activator This equipment significantly increases your attack power. It is definitely a piece of equipment you need to defeat your enemies faster. Reflex Shield This equipment improves agents’ defensive skills. It makes you more durable and allows you to take less damage from enemy attacks. Healing Needle This equipment heals the agents’ health system. It helps you gain more stamina during battle. Speed ​​Enhancer This equipment increases the movement speed of agents. Moving quickly allows you to evade enemy attacks or reach your goals faster.

How to Obtain Equipment?

There are several ways to obtain equipment in Agents of Mayhem. Here are the methods you can use:

  • Missions: You can earn equipment during the missions you perform in the game. As you successfully complete missions, you can access better equipment.
  • From enemies: After defeating your enemies, you can take their equipment from them. If you’re lucky, your enemies may spawn high-quality equipment.
  • Store: There are many stores in the game. You can buy equipment from these stores. It may be necessary to spend more money for better equipment.

The process of obtaining equipment becomes even more important in the later levels of the game. It is important that you use the best equipment to fight against tougher enemies.

How Do You Use the Equipment?

Using equipment in Agents of Mayhem is quite simple. By accessing the Equipment Menu in the game, you can view and change your current equipment. Once you choose the equipment you want, you can equip it on your agent.

When equipping equipment, be careful to choose equipment that suits the agents’ characteristics and your playing style. If you have an aggressive play style, you can choose equipment that increases your attack power. If you adopt a more defensive playstyle, you can turn to equipment that provides armor and defensive features.


Agents of Mayhem is a fun and exciting action-adventure game. It is important that you use the best equipment to be successful. Equipment such as the Optimal Activator, Reflex Shield, Healing Needle and Speed ​​Enhancer will increase the performance of your agents. To obtain these equipment, it is possible to complete quests, steal them from enemies or buy them from stores. It’s important to carefully consider which equipment to choose based on your agents’ skills and your play style. We hope this guide helped you use the best equipment in Agents of Mayhem!

The Best Equipment You Can Use in Agents of Mayhem: The Weapons You Need to Destroy Enemies Quickly and Effectively

Agents of Mayhem is an action game that tells the story of a special team of agents who act to complete various missions, defeat enemies and protect the world. In the game, agents with special abilities are used to defeat enemies quickly and effectively. However, in order to be fully successful, it is also important to use the right equipment. In this article, you can find detailed information about the best equipment you can use in Agents of Mayhem.

Rapid Firing Weapons

One of the most popular equipment to destroy enemies quickly and effectively is guns that can fire rapid fire. These weapons stand out with their high firepower and fast bullet change features. Especially in intense battle scenes where many enemies come together, weapons that can fire rapidly provide a great advantage with the potential to destroy multiple enemies.

  • Handgun: One of the most commonly used weapon types in Agents of Mayhem is pistols. In addition to being light and easy to carry, pistols have the potential to cause more damage to the target thanks to their ability to fire quickly.
  • Sub Machine Gun: One step ahead of pistols in terms of bullet capacity and rapid fire power, sub machine guns offer the opportunity to effectively defeat close and medium range enemies.
  • Machine Gun: These weapons, which can be effective in close and medium-range battles, provide the opportunity to quickly defeat enemies with their fast and rapid shooting ability.

Explosive Devices

Explosive devices that you can use to destroy enemies en masse are also one of the agents’ key equipment. Explosives stand out with their ability to affect large areas and offer high damage potential.

  • Grenades: Self-exploding after being thrown at the target, grenades offer the potential to damage enemies quickly and effectively. It can provide a great advantage, especially in areas where enemies are concentrated.
  • Rocket Launcher: Rocket launchers, which are used to target and destroy larger enemies, attract attention with their high damage potential. However, it can be difficult to use and the number of bullets is limited.
  • TNT Boxes: Explosive TNT boxes offer the potential to cause massive damage by being placed in enemy areas and then detonated remotely. With its strategic use, you can defeat enemies effectively.

Equipment that Strengthens Special Abilities

There is also special equipment that you can use to further strengthen the special abilities that agents have. These equipment increase the performance of agents, allowing them to defeat enemies faster and more effectively.

Equipment Ability Effect Special Armor Durability Increases resistance to enemy attacks Optical Modifier Aiming Increases damage potential and allows for more accurate shooting Regen Device Health Automatically regenerates the agent’s health Silencer Stealth Reduces the chance of being detected by enemies

The best equipment you can use in Agents of Mayhem allows you to defeat enemies quickly and effectively. Weapons capable of rapid fire, explosive devices, and equipment that strengthens special abilities increase the performance of your agents, allowing you to effectively cope with the challenges of the game. Remember, choosing the right equipment will give you great advantages!

Moving quickly on the battlefield is one of the keys to success in many action games. Using this strategy in games like Agents of Mayhem allows you to maximize your character’s advantage. Mobility-enhancing equipment strengthens your control by improving your character’s speed and movement abilities. In this article, we will explain in detail the best mobility enhancing equipment you can use in Agents of Mayhem.

1. Jet Shoes

Jet shoes are a useful feature that moves your character at high speeds and allows you to jump quickly. Thanks to this equipment, you can quickly overcome obstacles and move easily under enemy fire.

2. Speed ​​Enhancing Drugs

Speed ​​enhancing drugs are powerful equipment that temporarily increases your character’s speed. These drugs increase your chances of escaping from dangerous situations and your ability to evade attacks. However, it’s important to use it with caution, as your character can quickly slow down while the effects wear off.

3. Wings

Wings are equipment that gives your character the ability to fly. You can jump from high places or block your enemies’ attacks by dodging in the air. It is also useful for climbing to high places or covering long distances in a short time.

4. Ninja Skates

Ninja skates are equipment that allows your character to slide at high speeds. Thanks to these skates, you can quickly slide under enemy fire and pass through narrow spaces quickly. Additionally, you can cover long distances in a short time by quickly jumping from ramps.

5. Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook is a piece of equipment that allows your character to climb objects or walls in the environment. This feature makes it easier for you to climb to high places or escape from dangerous situations. At the same time, you can make quick and effective attacks by approaching enemies during battle.

6. Teleportation Device

A teleportation device is a piece of equipment that allows your character to instantly teleport to different points. Thanks to this feature, you can move quickly to escape enemy fire or change your attack position. Additionally, you can prevent enemies from following you by moving away from your current location.

Equipment Function Jet Shoes Move at high speeds and jump quickly Speed ​​Enhancing Drugs Temporarily increase speed Wings Ability to fly and climb to high places Ninja Skates High speed gliding and fast jumping Grappling Hook Climbing environments and approaching enemies Teleportation Device Instant teleportation and changing attack position

These mobility-enhancing equipment help you increase your character’s speed, agility and control in Agents of Mayhem. By using these equipment correctly, you can surprise your enemies, quickly escape attacks or gain a strategic advantage. Remember, mobility enhancing equipment can be your best friends!

When you go on your mission, you may have to fight against dangerous opponents. At this point, the right defensive upgrades and equipment are vital. By using these equipment in Agents of Mayhem, you can deal with your opponents and complete your missions successfully. Here is a list of the most effective defensive upgrades and equipment.

1. Defensive Shield Upgrades

The defensive shield gives you additional protection against attacks. That’s why it’s important to focus on these upgrades. In particular, the energy shield will be able to absorb enemy attacks and reduce your damage. Energy shield upgrades can increase energy regeneration speed and shield durability.

2. Armor Boosters

You may want to increase your stamina when fighting opponents. Armor boosters add an additional layer of armor to your character and reduce damage. At the same time, armor boosters can also increase resistance and armor regeneration speed to increase your durability.

3. Health Related Equipment

When your health decreases in the face of attacks, you need health-related equipment to survive. Automatic health kit upgrades can increase your character’s health level and make automatic health kits more effective. However, you can also focus on upgrades that increase health regeneration speed.

4. Attack Obstacles to Surprise Your Opponents

There are many ways to surprise your opponents and block their attacks. You can use special equipment for your Mayhem team. For example, you can use an incendiary device to set your enemies on fire and neutralize them. You can also stop your enemies’ attack by using disruptive equipment such as electric shocks or explosive traps.

5. Enhanced Weapons

Empowered weapons give you the advantage of dealing more damage in attacks. You can destroy your enemies in a few hits and complete missions faster. Different types of weapons include energy weapons, firearms, and explosives. You can provide a more effective defense by choosing the one that suits your Mayhem team’s abilities and play style.

6. Passive Ability Upgrades

Passive skill upgrades are a tool to increase your character’s overall power. For example, you can improve your shooting abilities or gain the ability to move faster. These upgrades can make it easier to deal with the dangerous opponents you encounter.

Equipment Type Attribute Defensive Shield Upgrades Energy shield increases durability. Armor Boosters Increases resistance and armor regeneration speed. Health Related Equipment Increases health level and increases health regeneration speed. Attack Barriers That Will Surprise Your Opponents Uses different types of blocking equipment. Empowered Weapons Deal more damage in Attacks. Passive Ability Upgrades Increases the character’s overall abilities.

You can use the best defensive upgrades mentioned above to help you deal with dangerous opponents in Agents of Mayhem. Defensive shield upgrades, armor boosters, health-related equipment, and enhanced weapons will give you additional protection and attack power. Additionally, attack blocks and passive ability upgrades that surprise opponents will also empower you. Feel free to use these best equipment to complete your missions successfully!

Agents of Mayhem is an action-packed video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. In this game, you control agents with different abilities and you must use the necessary equipment to use these abilities at the highest level. In this article, we will review the best equipment you can use in Agents of Mayhem.

1. Weapons

In Agents of Mayhem, there are various weapons you can use while fighting your enemies. These weapons allow you to defeat your enemies effectively. You can obtain powerful weapons by completing missions or collecting items dropped from enemies to find the best equipment.

2. Armors

Armor that protects your agents and increases their durability is vital in the later stages of the game. As you encounter stronger enemies, you will need to use more durable armor. You can get better armor as you complete missions or defeat enemies.

3. Ability Enhancers

You can use ability boosters to strengthen the abilities of Mayhem agents and make them more effective. These boosters allow you to tackle your missions by improving your agents’ attack power, durability, or skills. Skill boosters become more important as you increase the difficulty level of missions.

4. Special skill equipment

Each agent has its own unique abilities, and you need to use special equipment to use these abilities more effectively. For example, if an agent specializes in ranged attacks, you can increase his attack power by giving him ranged weapons. Special ability equipment allows you to further enhance agents’ basic abilities.

5. Tools

There are various vehicles in the game that you can use to transport your agents and defeat enemies. You can customize vehicles and equip them with weapons. Vehicles are useful for moving quickly and taking out your enemies, especially in large-scale battles. You can move to a more advantageous position by keeping your vehicles up to date.

6. Team Items

In Agents of Mayhem, a cooperative mode, you can enable agents to cooperate with each other more effectively by using team items. For example, you can help your teammates survive longer by using items that give them more health or energy. Team items provide a significant advantage in challenging missions.


Agents of Mayhem is an action-packed game that allows you to control agents with different abilities. In order to use these abilities most effectively and overcome difficulties, you need to use the best equipment. Weapons, armor, skill boosters, special skill equipment, vehicles and team items are equipment that increase the power of your agents and make missions easier. It is important to keep these equipment constantly updated, as you will encounter more challenging enemies in the developing stages of the game. Remember, agents armed with the best equipment will be Mayhem’s most feared heroes.

Agents of Mayhem is an action-packed video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. Players fight the corrupt LEGION organization by managing a team of agents with different abilities and characteristics. While this game attracts attention with its action-packed battles and attention-demanding missions, a successful defense strategy and having the best equipment are vital.

Equipment Selection and Strategy

Agents of Mayhem’de, saldırı gücünüzü artırmak, daha fazla dayanıklılık sağlamak veya özel yeteneklerinizi geliştirmek için kullanabileceğiniz çeşitli ekipman seçenekleri vardır. Ancak, doğru ekipmanı seçmek ve stratejik olarak kullanmak, bir görevi başarıyla tamamlamanın anahtarıdır. İşte Agents of Mayhemde kullanabileceğiniz en iyi ekipmanlar:

Ekipman Ne İşe Yarar Ajanlardaki Etkisi Enerji Paketi Yeteneklerin şarj süresini azaltır. Tüm ajanların özel yeteneklerinin kullanılabilirlik süresi kısalır. Zırh Takviyesi Daha fazla dayanıklılık sağlar. Tüm ajanların vücut zırhları güçlenir, daha fazla hasarı absorbe eder. Saldırı Modülü Saldırı gücünü artırır. Tüm ajanların saldırı gücü artar, düşmanlara daha fazla hasar verir.

Ayrıca, her ajanın sahip olduğu özel yetenekler için özel ekipmanlar da bulunmaktadır. Örneğin, bir ajanın şok dalgası yeteneğini güçlendirmek için şok emici bir ekipman kullanabilirsiniz. Bu, düşmanlarınızı etkisiz hale getirmek için daha güçlü bir saldırı yapmanıza yardımcı olur. Her ajanın farklı yetenekleri olduğu için, doğru ekipmanı seçmek ve yetenekleriyle uyumlu hale getirmek çok önemlidir.

Ekipman Kazanma ve Yükseltme

Agents of Mayhem’de, ekipmanları kazanmanın birkaç yolu vardır. Görevlerin tamamlanması, düşmanlardan düşen eşyaların toplanması veya oyun içi mağazadan satın alma şeklinde ekipmanları elde edebilirsiniz. Ekipmanları topladıktan veya satın aldıktan sonra, onları yükseltme seçeneğiniz de bulunmaktadır.

Ekipmanları yükseltmek, onların yeteneklerini ve özelliklerini geliştirmenizi sağlar. Örneğin, enerji paketinin daha hızlı şarj olmasını veya saldırı modülünün daha fazla hasar verme kapasitesine sahip olmasını sağlayabilirsiniz. Ekipmanlarınızı düzenli olarak yükseltmek, ajanlarınızın daha güçlü olmasını sağlar ve görevleri daha kolay bir şekilde tamamlamanıza yardımcı olur.

Savunma Stratejisinde Eğitim ve Uygulama

En iyi ekipmanları kullanmak için, iyi bir savunma stratejisini benimsemek ve ajanların yeteneklerini en iyi şekilde kullanmak önemlidir. Oyuncular, ajanların özelliklerini ve yeteneklerini daha iyi anlamak ve kullanmak için oyun içi eğitim görevlerini tamamlayabilirler. Ayrıca, takımınızı düzenli olarak egzersiz yapmaya göndererek ajanlarınızın yeteneklerini geliştirebilirsiniz.

Ekipman seçimi kadar, takımınızın birlikte çalışması da önemlidir. Ajanları doğru kombinasyonlarda kullanarak birbirlerinin yeteneklerini destekleyebilir ve uyumlu bir şekilde hareket edebilirsiniz. Örneğin, bir ajan saldırı gücüne odaklanırken, diğer bir ajan düşmanlardan gelecek saldırıları engellemek için daha fazla dayanıklılık sağlayabilir.


In Agents of Mayhem, using the best equipment is the key to successfully completing missions and defeating enemies. Equipment such as energy packs, armor boosters and attack modules give you an advantage by strengthening the agents’ abilities. Regularly upgrading your equipment and improving your defense strategy will help you complete the game successfully. Most importantly, make sure your team consists of agents with complementary skills. Good luck and remember to make the most of your equipment!

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